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  • C.W. Smith created an event

    El Paso Comic-Con

    12 Apr '19 00:01 - 14 Apr '19 00:01
    El Paso Convention Center
  • C.W. Smith posted

    Trying to figure out a way to restrict the damn spambots while giving enough people freedom to actually create accounts. NOt sure the best way to handle it in D8 yet. Might need to check on some drupal sites.

    Also, I need to get some fees running. It be fun to have feeds create posts from geek and anime sites and post them here if possible.

  • Working towards creating some administration structures I didn't consider last time. Just got the baseline for a decent and easy to use Series administration page setup. Next up will be the building blocks for the sites story archive components and page building setup.

  • Eventually the Story archive will be rebuilt, but it's going to take a bit. I'm wanting to ensure that the creation process is as felxable as possible. I don't want it to just be a block of tex then nothing. If I have my way as we go we may try and recreate some things in this new build.

    You will have the ability to add images and illistrations to created content as we go.

  • C.W. Smith posted

    Still slowly working on rebuilding the page bit by bit. It's going to take a while, and that's just how it is. I'm gonna need to find some way to block out the bots that are trying to add accounts hard and fast as they can.

    Also, adding some feeds, so that news items from reliable geeky sources will end up adding content to the front page stream like you see here. Of course I have also created an account specificly for the page that I can use seperately from my personal account.

    Anyone interested in helping fill out things as we go is welcome. It's not just stories, its events, groups, and people. bring any and all in.

  • C.W. Smith created an event

    The Dallas Fan Expo

    3 May '19 16:00 - 5 May '19 17:00
    Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
  • C.W. Smith posted

  • Welcome to the new Fanbards.net Communities page. We're still in progress of getting things setup and maybe even looking nice, so please be patient. Of course if you think you can contribute to help out the building of the commmunities or some such let me know.

    I hope everyone enjoys how things are added, improved, or the style and look of things made to look nicer then this default that is currently set.