An Ending Well Earned




This is a rewrite of my fic �A Takoball Mariage.� That had originally been a tribute fic, which I wrote for the Tako Balls as a �challenge� of sorts � trying to incorporate the titles of all the nominees into a coherent story. The story ended up being� quite a bit nicer than I had thought it would be, and its always stood well on its own.

Hence, as part of my return� to Eva, I decided to go back, clean it up, and remove some of the awkward parts where I had to bend my prose to fit in a particular fic title. [Some were natural fits, and I left them where they were � bonus points if you get them ] Not many people here have read it before, and for those who did, its been 4 years or so, and I think you can enjoy it anew ^_^

This way the story takes precedence over the gimmick� And it�s a story I�m proud of. The new title reflects this fact � the Children and their friends have earned a happy ending. Or rather, a new beginning� Enjoy!




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