A long time ago, two friends who were just simple fanfiction authors decided to start a webpage. Through this webpage they would work with other authors to create a site dedicated to just posting the best work they could do. Over time they brought in others, some left, some came, a community was born. The coomunity however has decayed and withered. But now we are working towards recreating it here.

This is where a select group of authors will be housed in order to present the best work possible. We will work together to bring both new content in fanbased, and original content.

Welcome to the new Darkscribes.

A long time ago, Red Star started a forum fic that ended up balloning into something major. I copied all of the entries on those threads and tried to originalize them some. I've taken that and have held on to the material. I have a lot of ideas I never wrote down that may have been forgotten. But for now, this is being setup as our First World. 

Mar 2015
Nov 2013

There are many things with in Dracula's Imperium. Here is where that information can be found.

Jan 2005


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