Stations Log: Stardate 68673.80

Enterprise arrives at Spacedock

We've finally gotten the majority of this new Starbase's primary systems online. The Optical Data Network is online however we still require final upload from the Federation Archives. There are several terminals around the station that still keep flickering in and out of service.

Engineering reports all systems will be ready however to accept ships and visitors in no time. Transporters are operational as well as the docking systems. We'll be ready to register the various passangers and cargo flowing through the station without much trouble, though the offerings on the Promenade are scarse for the time being. Things should pickup when we start getting traffic through, I'm certain some Ferengi business men will be by soon to setup shop.

All is well for the most part, and while this isn't a base near some strategically significant point in space like Deep Space Nine, I'm certain we'll be able to provide a valuble service to Starfleet and the Federation. Hopefully without the excitment Capt. Sisko has to deal with.