Stations Log: Stardate 68681.00

ONe of the things that has been attempted with this Starbase is to create something first concived of in the later half of the Twentith Century. It is a . The idea being that the inside of the station will have fields, parks, and several similar landscaps for our various visitors and passers by to take advantage of. It should also allow a moderate colony to be established here in space, without need to locate a suitable Class-M Planet, or terraform a world that is close enough. It is also an experiement, using what we've discovered from exploring and studying the  U.S.S. Enterprise encountered.

Speaking of which, Enterprise just dropped off a cargo full of colonization, botanical, and animal samples for integration into this experiement. Commander's  La Forge and Data were quite helpful in getting our information panels working, as well as getting us online with the Federation Registery. Now we don't have to register every visitor who comes through seperatly on our backup system. Starfleet can handle that for us.

I can only assume it was Commander Riker who left the model on my desk. Also from something conceived of in the Twentith Century. A . There was even a long enscription on it. I'll have to thank Riker for that... personally.

Our database sync from Federation Archive Memory Alpha is complete, we just have to start filling our database with local reports now. I wonder how the story of this place will unfold.

Commander C.W. Smith, Starbase-42, End Log.

Hey, just a few things. I've gotten some view panes ready to go that will display information on this page, random articles, posts, images, and stories once they are added to the archive. Also, I've gotten Disqus comments working. Disqus is a service that will allow you to log in with your facebook credentials on any site that uses the system. You have this account and it doesn't require you to have a seperate account here to leave comments on pages that use them. You still need a local account to post in the forums or review stories. But that is due to the nature of the beast.

I decided to make the inside of Starbase-42 an O'neil Cylinder, like the link from wiki shows, as I figure with al the information that was gathered from studying the Dyson Sphere that someone might have gotten that in their head to try.

That's all I have for now. Anyone wanting to contribute please let me know.