Stations Log Stardate 68683.20

The Inside of the Dyson Sphere from Star Trek: The Next Generation - "Relics"

We’ve gotten most primary systems online and all information networks are operations as well as can be expected. We’re linked into the Federation Database and should have no problems sending reports and updates to Starfleet Command. I hope at least. There is always a shakedown period for any structure.

The teams populating the inner space of the station have been requesting that waste collection not breakdown certain organic materials in order to better enrich the soil they brought with them. Apparently they want to see if they can’t experiment in certain parts of the available land space with less technical and more natural methods of cultivation. I’m going to allow it… and stay upwind of those particular areas.

Someone managed to sneak some coffee plants into the more hilly areas. I’ve decided to allow it. The idea of being able to have real coffee and not replicated liquid is compelling to me. I don’t care what anyone says, there is just something off about replicated food. Maybe it’s how everything is arranged in the pattern buffer, the matter resequencing, or something more intangible but replicated foods never taste the same as their natural alternatives.

I think it’s because that it’s a computers interpretation. There are somethings you can’t achieve with ones and zeros, even on the quantum level. I’ve called dibs on the first cup of coffee from these plants in exchange for not ripping them out of the ground. I like to think it’s a fair deal.

The Ferengi didn’t take long to show up, and now I have a large bar and casino sprouting up in one of the more urban areas of the inner stations. IT’s covered in glitter, glamour, and of course they decided to have Daboo Girls all over the place. I could stop it, but as long as the Ferengi obey station regulations I see no need.

Their Holosuite programs worry me, but once again, as long as it doesn’t violate any regulations I’ll allow it.

We’re starting to see regular traffic build up through this star system now. The planets in this system aren’t too habitable, and terraformers won’t even look over this sector of space for years for suitable planets to work on. Its part of why we have the design we do. We’re hoping to show that an artificial construct like this is feasible. It may not be the Dyson Sphere, but we don’t have a destabilizing star at our core either.

Commader C.W. Smith Starbase-42 End Log.