Xbox Game Pass Release Date

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a new game service. For a monthly cost of $9.99 USD a month, you will be able to download and play any game made available through the service on your Xbox One.

So for the cost of Netflix you will have full access to at least a hundred Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. There will also be a discount if you chose to buy any game currently on the service, as like with Netflix there will be shifts in the content. The line up will change over time, so you may need to still purchase a game you enjoy if you want to keep it.

I personally am willing to shell out the asking price for something like this. It will allow me more access to games then I can currently afford. It also will be the full game, not a demo or streaming like Playstation Network does with their service. The game will download to your system lime any other game You have purchased. That means greater stability.

Xbox Game Pass will be available beginning June 1. Xbox Gold members can partake in a 14 day trial immediately.