Justice League

Justice League

So I went to go and see the new Justice League movie. And even before Thursday was over going into the weekend there seemed to be a full out war on by critics against this movie. Now, I don't buy into the Rotten Tomatoes being paid off conspiracy BS, but it is strange that so many want to hate this film and the others before it. IT's almost as if critics WANT this movie to fail, and that is just weird to me.

This movie starts out like the last couple, on the heels of the Death of Superman. This is a significant event in the current world, and while many feel that they did way too much in one movie, I don't see it as too bad. And I'm not one of those people who had so many complaints about Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman. I felt the origin of Wonder Woman was handled in her movie perfectly.

And that's how we get into Justice League. Now, they never actually use the term in the movie. There's only hints on what MIGHT be built from the events of this flick. And that's frankly a perfectly acceptable way to do things. I think starting like this, bringing in the threat leads us to know about the characters, and now we want to learn about them. It's one thing to have Aquaman's origin. Now we actually have a character we WANT to learn about. And that's NOT a bad way to tell the story.

This movie was a great movie to go see. It was a different tone from any of the Marvel movies, which is a good thing. Not everything has to be extremely family friendly. I won't go into specifics about the storyline or plot. I don't want to spoil anything for you if you havent' seen it. I will say that you wil enjoy this and have fun at the same time. There are two lead in and interesting post credit scenes to watch as well, so don't just leave when the credits role.

The editing was nice and steady, there were no major, maybe something minro someone else might pickup, but no proplmes from an editing point of view.

All and all I'd say take the time and watch the movie. GO out, take your friends, and enjoy it.