A Brief Status Update

The Milky Way Over Devil's Tower

Hey All,

Recently we pretty much dumped the entire database back in and are hoping that it’s worked out. There is just that much shit, so with just me and one other person, we can’t guarantee everything is just right. Thems the breaks.

I am trying to create newer content and refactor the page again so we can build up more of a community and add some ways for others to interact. I’m also trying to figure out better ways to handle much of what we have going on. Anything related to the will be posted on the . I’m working on rebuilding a decent Drupal 7 version of my Bookshelf setup and the basics for something in Drupal 8. I wish I was better at coding, though maybe I can build something similar in Wordpress and just document it.

I’m also TRYING (Heavy on the Try) to write up some general articles for you all to read and enjoy. I’m also very much considering opening up articles as a content type to be created by the general public. That way you can all write reviews and op-eds about your favorite things and share that as well. TO be a fan and share that fandom with others.

I’ve decided to try and write out a Fanfiction story somewhat at least for , at least taking place in the Star Trek Universe. I know I started it as a bit of a self-insert thing just from stations logs, but maybe I should do more.

I’m also open to ideas for original series world build stories to add to the groups. I’m thinking of starting a bit of The Outer Limits there, as that is more about imagining separate little ideas and speculative science fiction. Everyone is welcome to that idea.

I could use some feedback on how things are built if you have the time. Let me know where I can improve if possible.