Windows Based Development

Windows 10 Start

So, the fact is that I spend all my time in Windows 10 these days. I don’t bother with dual booting into a Linux install mostly because I just don’t like the idea of having to move from one thing to the other. The other truth is that I really have no need for a multi-boot system. Now, the only real place this causes problems is with developing my Drupal and Wordpress ideas if I have any. But fear not, there are options specifically for this sort of thing.

Firstly, in spite of the fact that many people don’t develop on Windows for PHP, there are tools for it. Pretty much all your PHP tools have equivalents for Windows as there are people who use Windows Internet Information Services (IIS) as their web server. There are some things you have to do to get it working, and you have to be careful of permissions issues. I’ve run into it before, . It’s still up if you are interested.

Thing is that every now and then I see someone struggling and needing ways to do things on Windows Servers, and the response is almost universally that there is no help. That they should have known better than to use a Windows Server. Thing is that people want to use what works best for them, and Windows works best for a lot of people. So what is the solution?

First is this. Don’t Panic. It should probably be on the cover of your server manual in comforting red letters. There are ways around the lack of information, and some people have already suffered through your problem of not having someone to ask. You can do a quick search online and find a number of things. Even this article is something you can rely on to help you at least keep hope.

Also, if you do Drupal or Wordpress site building almost exclusively, or some module construction, you have the option of using and their service. They give you a free spot to develop and work on two sites at a time, or if you set yourself up as an origination you can create up to eleven sandboxes. This gives you an almost complete spot to build and prototype a web page without having to deal with the overhead of a full webserver at home.

Just relax and Don’t Panic.