Black Panther

T'Challa on the Throne

So, after a nice fajita dinner at my favorite local Mexican Restaurant, I went and saw Black Panther. This is the first MCU movie that had a character appear in a movie prior to an Origin/Self-titled movie. For those who have barely any exposure to the Character outside of his role in Civil War, this is the time to learn about him and where he came from. The turn out at the local theater was what I expected for a general Marvel movie since the ethnic break down here is mostly Caucasians and Hispanics. The Theaters was full, but mostly kids and older people like me who have been watching this stuff since day one.

Now, there are always two groups in these movies. Those who know the character’s history in the comics, and those who are meeting them for the first time in the movie. Our first Marvel Cinematic Universe introduction to King T’Challa of Wakanda was during Civil War. Now, we get to be introduced to the Nation of Wakanda beyond a few teases and mentions.

Anyone who has been a fan of the character over time knows that he rules the most technologically advanced nation on the planet. Wakanda has up to this point also been very isolationist, hiding everything from the world.

I will not give out spoilers, I always try to avoid those. I will however talk themes and ideas. And this movie has a lot of things for people to think about, no matter their background.

On the more philosophical side we ask a question. If a Kings first duty is to his people, than who are his people? We can see this idea embodied by three characters. T’Challa and the kings before him who believed that only those born of Wakanda were their people. Erik ‘Kilmonger’ Stevens, who felt Wakanda had a duty to all people of Africa no matter the border. Or T’Challa, who at the end decides that he should look to try and better all people no matter what.

I won’t go into a major discussion of plot points and general ideas at this time. I think it best for everyone to watch and enjoy the movie as they come to it. And you will see ideas that speak to you. Or make you angry. Some may feel a revolutionary spark, while others just focus on the action.

I personally find this movie a wonderful watch, and loved it as both entertainment and the provocation it acts as. But what will it provoke you to do?

Watch and ask yourself that question.