Star Wars: Force Collection Game closure announcement

Star Wars: Force Collection Game closure announcement

Star Wars: Force Collection

Collect, build, and battle! Experience the Force in a whole new way with Star Wars: Force Collection, a card battle game for iOS and Android devices. Collect over 230 character cards and discover special vehicle blueprints to create the ultimate Battle Formation. Once your deck is built, challenge and defeat rivals in strategic battles, leveling up among the Jedi or Sith Orders. Adventure through quests, participate in massive in-game events, and battle bosses and other players as you fulfill your destiny. Choose wisely; you alone determine your path to the light or dark side. Features Collect and strategize with your card deck, featuring characters and vehicles from Episodes I-VI. Draw from card packs to collect over 230 Star Wars characters that may be used to aid you in battle. Travel to some of your favorite planets from the vast Star Wars galaxy. Your actions determine the path to joining the light or dark side of the Force. Piece together blueprints to construct vehicles that provide you an edge in battle. Battle bosses and other players in quests and special in-game events by creating battle formations with your cards and vehicles. Defeat other players and loot their Blueprint Pieces, leveling up your Battle Ranking.  Available On: Android™, iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch®


In this game you collect your favorite Star Wars characters and ships. You can do quests, pvp battles and there are a lot of events in the game. You can play by yourself or join a Legion. So for the events in the game, there are many that can benefit your Legion if you work together with the other members. It’s an amazing game and a lot of fun to play.

But now they have announced the full closure of the game!!! There will still be updates and events for now but it will stop on April 23, 2018, at 01:59 (ET).

This just came as a shock to a lot of us players. Most of us have been playing the game since the day it came out and we have enjoyed every minute of it. A lot of players put real money in this game as well. That will end too. As of March 8th, 2018, at 00:59 (ET) you can no longer by crystals in the game. You can still use the ones you have until before the end date of the game. So be sure to use all your crystals before April 23, 2018, at 01:59 (ET).

Now the big question is: Can we still play the game after April 23, 2018? Well I hope. Because the events they are doing now give you a lot of new and cool things. And the login bonusses even give you extra hanger slots, more card binder space and things like that. So it would be cruel to the players to give all that and then just stop the whole game right?

I mean it’s so awesome getting all these new things now. Well they have always done this but now it’s a lot more than before. I hope they don’t give all these things because they had planned them already and are just giving it to the players all at once because it’s going to stop. That would not be all that nice, would it? Or is it just me thinking this?

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