Operation Codename: Magma Diver!

Since I'm almost there when it relates to the legacy content migration of Darkscribes I thought I would propose a project that will be connected with Evafics.net as that is the Evangelion specific group for the site. I'm wanting to get some folk together and start deep diving archive.org and recovering all the old and lost fanfiction that was on geocities and other archives that may have not been saved by places like reocities or ffn. This would be basicaly a job of going in, finding the stuff, and entering it into the system. 

Obviously some would want us to take the time to try and get permission and the like. In some cases that just might be impossible. So I'm thinking we have a better to beg forgivness then ask permission policy thing on that. I'll be thinking more on it as I massage the data for The Legacy. 

I'm also open to suggestions as it relates to additions to the evafics group as this operation is continued in planning.