Rebuild of Evamade

Back in the day there were several Evangelion based fan sites. Now there really is just one, Everything else has fallen in it's own way. Even Darkscribes isn't really and Evangelion only site anymore, not that it ever truly was. Lemontastica, the Eva-based lemon site is being assimilated into DS now. So I've pretty much snagged Evamade and decided to provide it a new possible life here on DS.

This groups structurally works just like every other group on the site. You have your menus, your forums, things like that. I will have an Evangelion based stories listing here eventually and even an Evangelion Based media group when I figure out the media gallery situation.

I also may even start deep diving and try to wayback some Evamade content into the system, but no promises on when or how that will occur.