Station's Log – Stardate 68760.40

The Federation Council, at the behest of Kai Winn of Bajor have decided to host a conference on Starbase-42 focusing on the Spirituality of the Federation. There has been a vocal minority among the Bajoran people who have condemned Federation admission of Bajor on the grounds that the Federation is hostile to anyone who believes in higher powers. The accusation has been taken poorly behind closed doors. The part that troubles several officials is the possibility that they might be right.

The fact is that over time Humanity at least have encountered beings of great power whose actions match up with our legends of Gods and Goddesses. Captain James Kirk's encounter at Pollux IV with the Greek God Apollo. Several scientists and historians have taken this to mean that potentially every pantheon of Gods on Earth may have been travelers from other worlds. Apollo certainly did have weaknesses Kirk was able to exploit in order to escape with his ship and crew.

Others have pointed to the Organians as well as the Q Continuum. While I could see the Peace loving Organian's potentially trying to guide a primitive humanity towards a more benevolent state, I'm not so certain about the Continuum. I do have five bars of gold-pressed latinum on the Q that keeps bothering Picard having been Loki of Norse myth.

Kai Winn will be arriving in Three days to help oversee the preparation of the conference. She, along with members of the Vedek Council will arrive inboard the U.S.S. Defiant with Captain Sisko. I asked why they didn't just hold this on Deep Space Nine. Starfleet Command informed me that it was in order to gain the broadest selection of delegates. The Cardassians and Romulans would apparently feel better discussing such things away from a potentially dangerous area.

U.S.S. Enterprise along with Captain Picard will also arrive shortly. They will be transporting a delegation of Religious leaders from Earth to Starbase-42 for the conference. In spite of all our progress scientific over the last two hundred years we still have a strong grouping of faithful people on Earth. Representatives from the Vatican, the Delhi Lama, various imams and rabbis as well as a Shinto priest will be arriving on board.

I'm honestly looking forward to this conference. I know a large number of people believe we have grown beyond the need for an imaginary father figure in the sky, but I admit to being at least a believer in a higher power. Two hundred years ago we had no evidence life beyond Earth existed, in spite of the numerical probability of such life existing. Until the Vulcan's made First Contact it could have easily been a much emptier universe then it is. We didn't know a being could exist as pure energy until we met the Organians and various other species through out the last one hundred years.

We certainly never had evidence of the existence of the Q until Picard encountered them en-route to Farpoint Station. And there was no evidence of the existence of the Prophets or the Celestial Temple before Sisko discovered the Bajoran Wormhole.

The Vulcan's believe in Infinite Diversity, in Infinite Combinations. The IDIC. As such, the lack of evidence, while being insufficient to prove the existence of such beings, cannot logically be accepted as the proof they do not exist. The Vulcans belief in the Katra for instance springs to mind.

In the end, maybe it's not so much the messenger that matters, but the message itself. It will be an interesting several days of discussions that is for certain.


Commander C.W. Smith



-End Log-