Deep Dive for Old Fics

One of the things I want to do as I fix and recreate the story archive is go back into and try to locate and repost old stories that have almost certainly been lost. We used to do this, acting as mirrors for eachother back when all anyone had was geocities websites and text files for our stories. No special php mysql stuff. IT made life a bit easier, or we at least linked directly to those text files.

Granted, that won't be happening here, but we can do that here, bring those stories back from oblivion and put them out for display. You can enter the discussions in the . Talk about what we need to add to the archive for all to find. IT's difficult, and frankly it might be a bit immoral. I'm not going to ask for permission or anything before I add content into the archive. The reason being that many of these authors are probably lost to time and such.

Anyone wanting to help with archival duties please contact me via PM.