Codename: Geofront

Snowfairy finally popped up on the Evamade group on Facebook. She has her own plans for Evamade and wants to push through with them. To that affect I will be backing off on my own plans for the name and such. I'm still going to have this group be Evangelion specific. We can't just ignore where we came from. This site was built originally by me and a bunch of Evangelion writers and a group dedicated to that series is reasonable. So I will be removing the Evamade specific stuff and renaminging this The Geofront. I'll keep the current Logo image up until I create a new one that fits in with the new name and such.

I'm not going to fight Snow Fairy on this. I got screwed over by Tom when he decided that HE had the right to decided Darkscribes future. Even if that future was Death. I'm not going to do that to another person, even if it's in reverse.