Don't Like?

#000000" size="3">I've been thinking for a while about many things. It's interesting to note that in the fandoms we have been inundated with some idea that people are free to post what they want but are protected from having to answer or even receive negative commentary about their work. The idea of “IF you Don't Like it, Don't read it.” has infected all parts of life. Frankly it is an idea that needs to be stamped out.

#000000" size="3">Human history is driven by our ability to convey ideas. Cave paintings, the oral traditions of tribes to teach others their history, philosophy, religion, all are built upon the communication of ideas and thoughts towards people. The inability to disagree or outright speak out against what was distributed in the world was the classic sign of despots, tyrants, dictators and enslavers. It was why after the American Revolution that we enshrined it in the very First Amendment in our Constitution. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of The Press, Freedom to Assemble, Freedom of Religion, all of that shoved into Amendment One because of how important they are.

#000000" size="3">That means on occasion you get “YOU SUCK!” reviews but you have to suck it up and take it. You have to be able to look at reviews that say “You should just kill yourself,” and then look at what you wrote and examine it. We’ve become far too sensitive and unwilling to hear anything against our work we condemn those who would even think to correct us beyond a comma or two.

#000000" size="3">If you feel you shouldn't have to deal with people disliking your work, then why do you post. You do this for fun? Well, then why bother making it public? If you can't handle public disagreement for an idea you are putting out into the world, then you probably shouldn't speak, lock yourself away and just exist in a bubble wrapped safe zone. Ignore anything that forces you to think outside your small world and exist in that bubble.

#000000" size="3">When we go out into the digital aether, we accept that it's a harsh place. We accept that we are going into a wild west of speech and ideas and we accept that there are aggressive folk out there. There are those who demand that only that which is correct be available, while cloaking themselves in the First Amendment. They would rip out the ability to publicly speak out against content, blame the reader for being offended at their content. We cannot, we must not allow that.

#000000" size="3">I stopped reviewing a while ago because I wasn't too thrilled with how things were going and didn't want to risk my accounts. It's time I got back in the saddle, strapped on my old flame thrower, and got to work though. Because it's been this refusal to post negative comments against badly written and thought out story lines that has lead to an inability in the world to create truly good work. We all have an obligation to post a negative we see, publicly. And we also have to take it when that is thrown at us.

#000000" size="3">All I have to say… is Bring it on!