No Anonymous Reviews

During the rebuild I had to make some decisions on how the system needed to work. One of these decisions was that all comments for things like posts and News Articles would be handled using the . The reason being that I coudl allow anonymous reviews to articles without people having to create comments through that, while also still haveing a bit of protection from comment spam. However, that wasn't going to work for story reviews and such. I had to use the built in Drupal Comments structure.

First, understand that Drupal Comments can be used for comments to articles, but is also the backbone of how the Drupal forum runs. All topics are the node, and the threads are the comments. I didn't want to allow evey anonymous coward out there the ability to post to the forums and fill up the place with crap. So I didn't, comments were set to be logged in users only. THis however means that the same hodls true for Stories and Chapters to Stories.

All Stories are now only able to be commented on by members to the site. And in a way that is better. We need to have folk held to the first for what they post. I don't agree with the lie of "If you don't like it, don't read it." I don't agree with the thought that you are supposed to be protected from mean comments or people disagreeing with your subject matter. You post in public, you exercise your freedom of speech, you take on a responsibility to accept all critisism, no matter what.

So there will be no anonymous protection either. You have to have an account to review. You will have to stand by what you say, no matter what. That is really what should happen. You say something, you post an opinion, a story, something meant to entertain or enlighten, then you must stand by it, you must defend it. If you believe in Science you must accept sceptism and take into account the ideas brought forth. If you entertain, you must accept commentary on your work, structure, plot.

We all write for fun, some to get better, others just because, but that doesn't mean we should be protected from those who would disagree with our work. Nor should we be able to speak in the shadows under the cloak of anonimity when we put out crap that is truely terroristic threats. Death Threats and the like. 

I've made the decison based on technical reasons and personal belief. And as this is still my site, I get to make that call.

Plus I dont' have people willing to work and keep an eye on all the anon comments that would go through and moderate them.