Refit Almost Complete!

I have managed to complete the refit of the site. This was made nessecary due to the recent isues with the Drupalgeddon bug that redirected us to other pages and may have caused other problems. Hopefully this refit will accomplish many things. First of which being that adding chapters to your stories will be much easier now. Also I'm finally deploying several ideas I haven't been able to figure out until just now so things will take a bit to complete. Now that they are I am ready to deploy a lot of new and improved features for the site and groups as a whole, as well as make some decisions relating to the pages future.

I have some images here to share with you about stories, and I've written a post about a lot of what happened as it relates to your , but I'll summarize. I've basically changed how stories are connected to eachother and how they are displayed on the back end. This means that I can now offer you a field in the chapter creation process that presents a dropdown menu of all stories you have created in the system. Currently this functionality is turned off as we have to go through and by hand associate every chapter with stories and number them correctly, and we can't do that unless we have access to all stories at that field for now. Once we get the archive finished we'll turn that on. Should take a while though so be patient. The archive will fill out again as we recreate things and go through databases to check out what is broken and what we can fix.

Forums should be 100% saved, that was the easy part.

Another improvement I've FINALLY managed to get working is site search. This site is now 100% served for search using an Apache Solr search index and server. This serve is utilized by Drupal's Search API setup. That allows me to create specific indexs and pages for search for everything on the page. That's good because now search does NOT have to be farmed out to Google and I can give you a search that works much more nicely.

Another improvment I hope in this is that I've recreated the user dashboard in homebox instead of workbench. That allows a bit more flexability and integration with the site structure. I'm hoping that wil make things a bit easier for the users around here in it's own way.

I'm deploying challenges this time around. It's going to take a while to improve the view that provides the challenge drop down on story pages but it's good enough for now.

We're also doing an eyes on everything look at every piece of content in the archive so we can ensure everything is fixed. We never did a proper clean up of the legacy content, and we have to do it now in order for everything to be connected. Seems to be a lot of issues but we will get them all fixed.

I've also managed to recreate the old themes for the most part. Under your dashboards you will see a place to select your theme. That theme will override the themes for Evafics and Lemontastica as your theme to use all over. Any theme related questions, or offers of help can be addressed on the forums.

Which brings us to the site's name and mission. Originally, when Random1377 and I created Darkscribes with that first group of authors, we tried to keep it to just authors we thought were th ebest of the best. Authors we loved. This lead to a close knit community that over time has waned and have been struggling to find our way ever since. So I'm making a decision.

From now on the main page will become full time. will become a seperate group within Fanbards, much like Lemontastica and have become. Fanbards will focus on everyone we know and love and all that wonderful content of theirs being on display. will go back to it's roots, as a group of authors that are the select. Only their content will be available on the group, and they can even work together to create original series on the site. That is the hope at least. So Stay Tuned, you will be seeing new stuff soon.