The Four Players

We've seen people go and make mockeries of those things we held precious as children many, many times. Well, Super Mario Brothers is back on the block with a series of 4 short films called, "The Four Players." In it those goofy, child friendly characters get a real world makeover. And it is a gritty makeover.

The Films keep to the Super Mario images and icons we are used to. The Colors, the ideas, and the attributes of the characters are still there. However it's like they went from Mushroom Kingdom to GTA Vice City. 

Each follows one of our four characters we all know. The First is called, "The Fixer." In it we watch Mario clean himself up and get ready to break things to fix things.



In "The Addict" we watch Luigi has he tries to clean up from a downward spiral of drugs and crime due to the shadow of his brother.



Then we get to Princess Peach and "The Star."



And Toad in "The Soldier"



It's an interesting take on characters we've become so used to walking around with the cartoon Italian accents fighting evil Turtles and mushrooms. I personally like it, but it might be pretty bad if Hollywood sees it and decides, "HEY! MOVIE!"