A Stopgap

The last couple of weeks have been rather bad with reguards to the site. I know it's sucked and it has really sucked on my end. I've been trying to fix and rebuild all the problems that popped up including the redirect we got hit with. First off do no think it was commited by any real person. We aren't that important to anyone but ourselves. IT was more then likely an exploit that was utilized by some kind of bot.

I've gotten the old site stabilized and mostly fixed but I don't trust this build. I had been working on a completely new build but it started having massive problems once I added content so I'm still working on that. THis however is something to get back up so we can read the stories and use the forum. I'm sorry if the forum is missing some entries from before but that build seems to have broken hard to the point it was unrecoverable.

All I can say is that unfortunately it happens.

One thing I'm trying to do with the rebuild is to improve the content creation experience. I'm also going to switch out the Workbench module for Homebox to provide a better dashboard experience.

That is all for this update, let me know if any of you have any concerns, any ideas, or improvements that I could impliment.