New Features, Stable functionality.

We moved the site to a cheaper host. Can't get around the fact that I really don't have the cash to be spending $80 USD on this page and keep it running. So I went and moved it to a shared host. You all know this. You also probably have noticed the random and annoying ASS-PAIN Everything has been the last week. Some things working just fine then suddenly breaking, or not working at all. And of course the sudden outage mid-week. Well it's time I let you all know what is happening on the system.

First off understand the outage was caused because our Database was bloating up to 5GB. Not MB, GB! I had been manually emptying it every chance I got but I couldn't find the problem and it was destroying functionality. Well, I say I couldn't find the problem. The Problem was that the form_cache table was bloating at an epic rate. It was 5GB by itself. Obviously that was the problem. Now I'm not sure on the cause but I found a module that will wipe that table clean every cron run, so every hour on the hour it will be cleared out. That should keep us from having that issue.

Also, we had problems getting the forum earlier today. The access permissions were just denying anyone who wasn't me access to the site nodes. I finally got THAT problem sorted and redid content access and alias settings so everything SHOULD be working.

I'm happy however to report that I fixed the issue with the duplicating series/genre's in the uploaded stories. I had seen that tampering with the field was needed if multiple entries were being made. It seems that was wrong and it works just fine as long as you leave it alone. So I've fixed that and everything is now marked as it should be. I hope at least.

I have added a couple of new features. Features that at least for me will help getting word out about new articles, posts, and galleries. I've added twitter posting to the site. And now you can keep up with us from without waiting for me to add a post manually. However That isn't all. I've also added and to twitter. I'll be trying to keep any and all posts from the groups designated as going to the correct account. I'll also let the people who will get to use these content types know what is happening.

Testing wise, I'm HOPING that this post will end up on Facebook. I'm still not there with Facebook Connect but I am getting there on other stuff. We will see how it goes one way or the other. Any ideas would be welcome.

That is pretty much all I have for this post. Any questions comments or issues can be addressed to me, either as a comment here, on Facebook and Twitter, or in the forums. Lets see if we can get things working better as we go.