Free Fire Zone

I've been thinking recently of how things have changed over the years on the net. It used to be for all intents and purposes frontier law out there. You either survived or your didn't. People were flamed constantly and there were wars a plenty in several fandoms. It was a time where no one cared about anyone elses feelings and no one in the real world cared what was really going on online beyond what they wanted to see.

Times however have changed. What was once flaming and attacking in fandoms is now known as cyber-bullying. Criticism of any kind is considered horrific flames, and everyone seems to think putting if you don't like it don't read it up is a legitimate move. It isn't. I'll be honest, we've gotten soft and unwilling to accept anything harsh in this day and age. 

And then you get the misplaced anger when real tragedy strikes. Massacres like Aurora, Colorado and Sandy Hook Elementary rile up some real anger and determination to stop it from happening again. However, the focus always ends up on the tools and not on the source of the problem. We end up with weeks of debate and one group considered evil over another and no real progress made to fix the true problems.

In my opinion, and it is just my opinin and nothing else, we need to focus on something beyond violent video games, music, movies, guns, and what not. The cause  of these tragedies are much more complicated then just something that can fit in a sound bite on the national news. The usual suspects aren't the ones causing the problem. They merely reflect the dirty truth back onto us as a society. The real problem is an unconcerned public, looking to make itself feel better by pointing the finger at someone else. And I don't just mean the people of the United States. The rest of the world has it's own problems, Europe's Economy is only slightly worse then our own, and neither is looking to get better. We need to work towards fixing the underlying problems.

The problem with that is that the underlying problems force us to take a good long look at ourselves, to take a look at the man behind the curtain. But we are too scared to do so. We ignore the problems because we don't want to be forced to face ourselves. American's are all ignorant violent beasts. Europeans are cowardly cocialistic idiots. The Mid-East problem is all Islam's/Israel's fault. It's the 1% that is eating up all the money in the world and eating at what is left. All in all it boils down to it's someone else's fault. 

We need to try to look at ourselves. What have WE done to fix things? What have WE done to make the world better? Are we trying to make a difference, or just yelling about how wrong everything is and expecting others to act as we think is right, or just, or moral? Are we really there to help those close to us or just passing the buck on something so simple as paying attention to our friends and families?

Think about it.