Soul Eater

I recently started watching a series called "Soul Eater." I watched the series through the entire 51 episode run and was pleasantly entertained. Many of the typical story themes are present that you would expect in any anime targeted towards teenagers. The action scenes are also typical, though not spanning an extreme amount of episodes.

The series is based around the Death Weapon Miester Academy, a school for kids who are sent out to hunt down and reclaim evil souls. The fun part is that one of the students is the actual fighter, the other turns into weapons of various types. Now, this isn't to dissimilar from the way Bleach is setup, though a lot can be said for the comedy. It also include Death himself... though he seems more a kindly old man at times even if all you see of him is a black shroud and goofy mask.

[caption]And this girl in a tub![/caption]

The lead characters of this ensemble are easy to like and watch. The story for the most part revolves around the lives of seven characters.

[caption]And a sexy lady that is actually a cat... introduced in the TUB![/caption]

The characters are well developed, however there wasn't a lot of emotional attachment to them as time moved on. I usually rate how well a character is developed by how much I really care for what happens to them. This time it wasn't that much, but I wasn't ambivalent about them either.

All in all, I would recommend this series for casual viewing. It is a good solid series which doesn't try to push it's theme and story on you heavy handedly. You can watch it and not feel as if you are lost at any real point, can get through the major arcs without much trouble, and won't end up with a massive mind bender at the end. The simplicity is really the appeal to me.

[caption]Plus this sexy cat woman... in a TUB![/caption]