The Legacy

One of the big things that has hounded me through the long and many bits and pieces of rebuilding and recreating DS has been the legacy. That old content we all love and in some cases can only be found here. I've been slamming my head into complicated ways of recreating and reorganizing this data for a while. I'm HOPEFUL that I've finally figured out the best logical way to do this now that I have much more knowledge. This will also hopefully lead to a way to upload chapters instead of having to copy paste them but I'm not entirely certain yet. It's still very much a work in progress.

What I'm going to do as I take a moment from cleaning up data here is describe the options for migrating legacy data into a Drupal site. You've already seen this with the old phpBB forums. They were done with what is called the  which is a complex php based setup. You have to work in php to define your field mappings, where they are in the database, and to map them to a table and nod in the system. It's difficult and complicated, but it gets the job done. I however am not a programmer by trade so it's hard for me.

The other option is called the Feeds module, and this is where this knowledge could be more beneficial then a hopefully one time migration of legacy data into the system. Feeds is designed to parse data in from various sources and create nodes for them. These nodes then get provided to the system to be used. This can be used for both legacy content, web feeds from other sites, and possibly even uploading of text or html files into chapter nodes. The last I'm not certain how to pull off just yet but it is what I'm hoping I'll end up with. We will see on that one. There are many extensions built already for feeds that could potentially be beneficial to the site beyond just the old stuff. 

It is my hope to have the legacy content cleaned up and ready to go here in the next week or two and the sites basic story archives ready to go. I say my hope, I'm not certain yet on if I've managed to pull it off yet. We will of course see one way or the other. I've got other things I WANT to add to the system but I'm not certain yet if they will work or not yet. Still trying as it were.

I'm probably NOT going to import my stories this way. I say that because I want to have mine be sort of the demonstration pieces. The parts that work in the system with the system as it's been built. That way you can see how my work and the individual fields match with the system as a whole.

That's the update for today on my progress. I've already got the user import from the old databases 100% now I think so we'll see what happenes as I go on these.