Developments during Development

Well I've been rebuilding the site, again. WE found in the last build that the site had problems with the permissions, making it impossible for someone to find anything unless they were logged in, and even then it was impossible for someone to create their content and then edit it for another reason. I'm hoping that with this testing run those problems have been cleared up significantly. Permissions are still going to be a problem, but we'll work on fixing it as we go I hope.

I've put everything needed for a person to come in and find what they need to find in the Dashboard area. You should be able to find how to edit your profiles and such from there. I'm still working on streamlining and imporving that to make it easier for each person to figure out. That will probably only come with time and the like unfortunatly. So if you have an issues let me know and I will work on it.

I've added facebook like statuses to the user profiles. You can add statuses in your dashboard. You go there, put your status in, it pops up in your profile. Keeps things a bit cleaner I think. I SHOULD try to find ways to integrate more twitter into the site and such, but that's a long term issue and if anyone has problems let me know and I'll TRY to fix it, but for now no promises.

We have run into a major issue concerning the legacy content of the site. It has been discovered by  that the old backup of the site was infected with a worm and frankly has made ANY use of the old site content at BEST suspect. We're trying to evaluate the problem and assess options for the system. Still no idea what the solution will be, if there is any.

We are close again if not already there for some test runs on the site. I'm going to work with some folk to get some work done on testing here shortly and filling up parts of the site with content. 

If you follow twitter you can find us at and keep up there as well. I've also created a for the site.