Fanbards Stance on the First Amendment!

I think it should be pointed out that in every iteration of this site I have had but one real rule I TRY to adhere to. Freedom of Speech is absolute. I don't ban folk for disagreeing with me, I don't silence anyone who has something to say against me. I argue, I debate, I speak out, but I never ever silence people. 

In this day and age I think it's important to reaffirm that truth. 

There are far too many people trying to silence those who disagree with them. They call themselves Social-Justice Warriors but what they really are are those who would criminalize anti-progressive thought. They believe that the First Amendment is to be limited, that no one should have the right to defy their ideology. The believe they deserve to be protected from dissenting thought while at the same time shaming, lying, and outright slandering anyone who defies them.  

They are trolls. 

I went looking at the stuff behind and Sad Puppies and you know what I found? People who were anything but the women hating racist bigots these guys portray them as. As such I think it's safe to say I support the cause as well. No one will silence me. Freedom of Speech means having to accept other people disagree with you and have the right to say so. 

So I want to make it clear. Fanbards will NEVER support their cause. We will never limit our discussions, or our content, just to make them happy.  

If all you have to come at me is to call me a racist, homophobe, white privileged, misogynistic, bigot then you have nothing. Come at me, I got no problem. I'll answer you, mock you, and even outright ignore you.  

I won't silence you, that's YOUR game, not mine. Just understand if you want to speak you got to register. I'm not going to risk massive amounts of spam just to make it easier on you. 

That and the discuss module keeps flaking out so we're straight up Drupal Comments here now.