Fantastic Fail

I have not gotten to see this movie yet so this should be taken with a grain of salt. I was HOPING I would be pleasantly surprised that this might actually end up being a good movie. All signs however seem to point to a cinematic disaster of... well the attached image tells it all. There has been no really positive reviews of this movie. The critics I usually ignore, but no one has come out saying they liked it either among the actual fans. The response has been a lot of meh to "Oh the Humanity!!!"

The Director, Josh Trank, has already started trying to deflect blame for his failure onto Fox. This might be legit if not for the fact he completely blew off the Fantastic Four in all incarnations, decided to screw over Dr. Doom and turn him into some weird thing that just explodes peoples brains, and was umored to want to set Jonny and Sue Storm up romantically... So basically had had NO interest in creating a Fantastic Four Movie.

This honestly will probably spell the end of his Career. His attitude towards this atrocity won't win him any fans, not that he cared for the fans of the characters in the first place. The Cast is trying to play damage control, I think only Kate Mara has a chance of salvaging a career from this honestly. And that's because she already has another job. Unless this does a serious bank on the box office, and I'm thinking it will be lucky to make it's money back, you will NOT be seeing any of these actors again, and you certainly won't be seeing any directed by Josh Trank credits either.

I could be wrong... but I don't think I am.