#GamerGate - Trying to find the truth!

So, I've heard the whole thing for the last year just like everyone else. It's only know that I've taken the time to look into things and try to piece together something that might be the truth. Frankly I'm already finding a lot condemning the detractors of the group as opposed to those pushing for what they believe in.

To start off, I'm still looking for intel and sources of information. I will NOT be doing anything without SOME KIND of supporting information. Unless something can be substantiated, it will be treated as an unsupported claim and dismissed as such. This is the important part. Unless there is substantiation, then it's just a claim, not something to be used in any sort of decision making.

I should mention I have a very low opinion of the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) type. I don't believe in changing things just because you feel bad, I don't believe in protecting you from opinions that are against your personal beliefs, I don't believe in restricting Free Speech for any reason, even if the group in question is a hate group. Freedom of Speech is Freedom of Speech.

It is important to note that accusations of threats against people are meant to be taken seriously, but unsubstantiated they deflect from the real issue. It is too easy to make things about something else when throwing out accusations and expecting those to be the important part.

It is also important to note that this whole thing started as a question of ethics in journalism. TO be specific, it was about the relationship of Game Developers and Game Journalists. There were accusations of corruption on the part of game review websites and publications. These were accusations that deserved to be investigated as they were substantiated and were meaningful.

I'm not sure how it devolved into this mess, but I've been looking, and frankly it seems that far too many are willing to accept the misogyny take. Far too many are willing to ignore legitimate concerns, and would rather attack the very community they depend on with accusations of harassment and misogyny.

You can find more information about the , the , , and various other places. I've even seen a post on concerning this.

Is this true, is this really a backlash against a Liberal Progressive ideology that borders on a Totalitarian society that uses 1984 and Brave New World as how to instructions rather than the warning they were?

Or is it a collection of Man Children being assholes to women? Is that really all there is to it?

Who knows. I'm trying to find out some kind of truth here. I'm not sure if I will pull anything of, but I will try.

Discussion is open here for those who wish.