Vampire Hunter D Vol 1

Vampire Hunter D is one of those books I waited a while to be translated. Then around 2006 they started releasing english translations here in the United States. Naturally I purchased them and read them as I could... but then my job situation went up in smoke and I had to hold off. So now that I can finally purchase them digitally on Kindle/Nook I've decided to reread them and then review them as I do so. 

First if you are a fan of the 1985 Anime Film of the same name, then Vol 1 will seem very familiar. This is the book that movie was based on, and while there are some details that are different between the two it's still a solid story. 

This is the book that introduced us to D, the Dhampir son of Dracula who wonders the Earth. 10,000 years after our present hunters like D hunt down the remains of the Vampire Nobility, those who ruled the Earth after a Nuclear war forced most of humanity into underground caverns in order to save the species. When they returned to the surface centuries later it is to a world of monsters. 

Then Dracula and the Vampire Nobles arise, taking over and dominating the human race. And for several centuries they maintain their control over the world. Until the decline of the Nobility. 

This book introduces us to characters you will recognize mostly from the 85 anime movie. D, his only companion the Parasite in his hand, and all the others. It really brings to mind just like any other movie based on a book the kind of details you don't see on film. 

I won't go into the plot here, except for some minor details the movie was rather true to the book. But I still recommend reading it if you get the chance. It's a great book and brings you into a new world that you used to know. 

You can get it from your favorite bookseller or ebook provider.