Windows 10 Device Briefing

I didn’t get to watch it live when it broadcast this morning, but I did watch the Windows 10 Device briefing. Microsoft Windows 10 is now my primary Operating system on the new rig I just built. Frankly I think Microsoft for the first time since I really started caring about Computers back in the 90’s. There was a bit of a rehash at first with the Xbox Bundles coming out for the holiday, including the Halo 5 Bundle which I will be purchasing later this month.

While no specific date was given, Xbox One will be updating to Windows 10 along with the Backwards Compatibility update during the holiday season.

The next big thing was HoloLens, and they managed to set it up to where you could see what the demonstration model was seeing. Frankly mixing reality between real world and digital images seems rather interesting to me. They had an impressive demo for it, we’ll see what folks are able to create as time goes around.

I’ve been waiting for Band to be upgraded, and frankly that seems to have been a good idea. Band is going to have a large amount of improvements over the version one from last year. It’s about fifty dollars more expense then the original. That increase however is worth it apparently looking at the optimized offerings and the features they have managed to shove into something you wear on your wrist.

For me the big things however were the updates to Microsoft’s Surface tablet and Lumia smart phones. I use a Lumia, and while I can’t get all the apps everyone else can I still love my Lumia. I’ve been planning on purchasing a Surface tablet for a while, and decided to hold off until I heard about Surface Pro 4.

That was an excellent idea. The new Surface tablets will have a starting point storage wise of 128GB, and a max of 1TB. That’s impressive for a tablet. While it will cost a lot to get it, $2000 bucks is not cheap, it will be more usable then any iPad or Android Tablet. It’s a full Windows Operating system, not a stripped down locked up iOS or an Android apps tablet. You can use REAL apps on a Surface. Needless to say they have made this one of the thinnest running tablets available.

Lumia is looking at a major upgrade as well with the 550 and the 950 and 950 XL. They have managed to shove two antennas, hexacore and octocore processors in their 950 and 950 XL models. The upgrades definitely are on my list of things that make the Lumia upgrade a nice upgrade. The biggest thing though I am thrilled with is the Windows 10 Operating system on the Lumia. I am looking forward to being able to use some Windows 10 Apps/Programs on a phone. We’ll see how it pulls off there.

The Lumia will also feature SD Card expansion and possibly HDD drives. A USB-C connector is being presented as being able to charge to 50% in thirty minutes.

I think one of the most impressive things I saw in this was Continuum. They have set it up where the Lumia will be able to connect to a display dock and a monitor. Three USB ports give you access to a keyboard and mouse, allowing you to basically use your phone as a portable computer. That is impressive.

Also announced was the Surface Book. They’ve created a Laptop Surface that allows you all the power of a full laptop while still being thin and giving you 12 hours of power. You get enough power so you can edit video and watch movies or edit movies form this laptop seamlessly. And the best part, they have made the keyboard detachable. So you get the thinnest most powerful PC ever built. This is frankly the only thing that would make me seriously consider NOT getting a Surface Pro 4. I wish I had that kind of cash. You can use it as your tablet, and the GPU, ports, and a few others things exist in the base of the laptop. Frankly, I wish I was able to do more of these sort of things myself.

I have to say that for all my dislike of MS over the years, they have really changed my mind on a lot of their capabilities with recent offerings. I’m an Xbox fan, I’m loving Windows 10 on the Desktop I built recently. And MS seems to have dedicated themselves to creating some really great products in the last few years. I’ll be sticking with them myself for a while. I have just LOVED my Lumia even using Windows 8.1 mobile. I love Xbox Live. Windows 10 is just keeping me going and making things more interesting for me.

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