The Expanse

So I watched this series, it’s a short season series off SyFy I found in the free episode bin of Microsoft TV & Video. It’s a classic space opera and mystery series that is all set in the future where Man is settling and living out in the Solar System. We follow the three stories throughout the first ten-episode season. All of them separate, yet all connected.

The good news is that the series is already renewed for another season. So the stories will continue. They are all based on a book series of the same name, book one called “Leviathan Wakes.” I’ve started reading the series and so far have been hooked. It’s of course not the same as the TV show, but artistic license and needs of production make things change.

A good scifi series will be full of technology and different ideas and the like. A GREAT series will be able to tell a story that could be set in the here and now without much difference then set dressing. The Expanse handles that part perfectly.

Our characters are from across the system. We have Detective Joe Miller on Ceres Station, looking into the disappearance of Julie Mao, a rich girl who has forsaken her privileged life. Jim Holden and his crew, the last survivors of the Ice Trawler Canterbury. And Chrisjen Avasarala, the second most powerful person on Earth and Luna, trying to hunt down and stop a potential terrorist threat towards Earth.

All begin unconnected, and as time goes on you find them all following along the same path.

Science wise all the space travel has been praised for its closeness to the real thing we’d have to deal with out there. Inertia and the like playing havoc with turns in space. The way the human body would grow and develop in low to zero G. These are all fascinating bits and pieces. You ever get a language all its own in the Belt.

I won’t go into the actual story; you’ll need to watch or read it for yourself for that. I make it a point never to add spoilers. What I will say is, if you want a good story to watch then this might be exactly what you need right now.

You can catch “The Expanse” on SyFy or purchase it from your preferred instant video service.