Lumia 950 with Windows 10 mobile

So, I picked up a Lumia 950 recently. I have to say that as a device I really am pleased. This is of course coming from someone who enjoyed a Lumia 925 for two years and only ever craved an updated kindle app or a book app.

If you are coming from an older Windows phone you will not be disappointed. It is a capable device with a good build and sturdy case.

If you are coming from iOS or Android you will find it a cleaner interface with some great features. The downfall however is the lack of third party apps from various developers, or half assed apps like Amazons kindle app. I’m betting on the Universal Windows Platform concept to take off and fix this issue.

All in all I like it, some may have more to go through for you is you have to have a full features breakdown, but I have nothing but praise for it so far. Your needs may make that a different thing however. Everyone has what they need or prefer.

Windows 10 mobile has evolved significantly since December and is worth taking a risk on.