Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

So I went and saw Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Frankly I enjoyed it. It had the strength to ask a hard question Marvel never really has in their movies. Civil War will try but so far really Marvel has ignored the consequences of their big knock down drag outs. Batman V Superman dives right in.

We start of on the ground of Metropolis during the Black Zero event. We see the devastation from the point of view of Bruce Wayne as he is trying to get to his Building to get his people out. One of the things that sold me on Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, he delivers the emotion needed here, and is even trying to help a man pinned under a girder out.

The critics keep screaming about how this movie is serious, not fun, doesn’t follow the established Marvel Formula. Thing is the Marvel formula is to destroy cities and leave the cleanup off screen. It ignores the lives of those caught in the middle when Gods do battle on Earth.

The best Batman and Superman stories always occur with the hard question. They are always two separate people, the God and Man. And while Superman never really agrees with Batman's way of doing things the moral contrast between the two is always the most interesting.

Ben Affleck delivers that emotional performance well in this movie. People kept talking about way they would fight. They don’t understand the Batman has a contingency plan to tale down every member of the Justice League in the event they go rouge.

Gal Gadot also does well as the unknown woman who Bruce Wayne ends up trying to track, especially when she steals a piece of tech he’s using to hack into Lex’s data network.

Her entrance in her Armor is wonderful. We’re setup well for Wonder Woman next year to fill out her back story.

At the end of the day, if you expect to not have to deal with the hard questions and consequences of peoples actions, you will be forced to. Everyone in this movie has to deal with the outcome of the choices they have made, both before and during the film. That’s what makes this a good film.

The hard parts aren’t swept under the off screen rug.