Suicide Squad

Got to see the Thursday night showing of Suicide Squad at the local theater. There was a line here in Granbury for the first showing.

I had a grand ol' time indeed.

The movie was a great flick. It brought us back into the world we last saw with the Death of Superman. We aren’t going to see much in the way of the heroes though. No, they only serve as a story point as we get to meet some of the worst criminals this world has to offer. Acting on orders from a covert part of the US Government. Succeed, get time off your sentence. Fail, you die.

This movie has been one of the most anticipated films of the year, and it delivers from the first part of the film and keeps going. You see MAJOR characters from the DC universe like Batman and Joker, but they aren’t the most important parts. They only serve to help bring the real cast together.

I won’t go into spoilers; I try to avoid those in my reviews. I will say that this is a great view into what is happening in the DCEU. Superman is dead, governments and other organizations are looking for meta-humans to use as weapons. What happens if the Next Superman isn’t as benevolent as the one we just laid to rest?

In comes Task Force X, Amanda Wallers special hit squad. Using the worst of the worst to go into situations where absolute deniability is needed against threats the likes of which few could handle.

We follow the “recruitment” of the team and the major threats that develop, calling upon them to be brought on a deployed. It is easy to get drawn in and follow along with little issues.

Frankly I would see this again and I encourage you to see it. If you liked Batman v Superman then you will like Suicide Squad. Also, do stay for the end credits. Trust me.

The movie runs a little over two hours and does have a lot of violence. The performances by Will Smith and Margot Robbie bring out the characters they portray rather well. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge of them going in that’s fine. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Harley through the new movie universe.

Will Smith as Floyd “DeadShot” Lawton is perfect, him being an assassin for hire/devoted father. We see his evolution, as well as that of the other characters throughout and it tells you there’s more to them than just the crimes they commit.

My major issue I was concerned about going in was how they would handle Harley’s origin story in this flick. I think they handled it rather quickly, like they did with all the character’s origins. That being said there are rumblings of a stand-alone Harley movie coming at some point. So there will be opportunity to explore her character more there.

I hope they get Poison Ivy involved in that one.

All and all this was a good movie. This was definitely a movie for fans, and will be carried by the fans as well. Warner Brothers are going to have to ignore the main stream critics and go with what the fans say. They don’t need to be panicking every time some hipster from Entertainment Weekly gives the flick a bad review. Go with the viewers ratings and you can’t go wrong.