Drupal Development on Windows 10

Windows 10 Start

Okay, I run a Windows 10 Home box at home. That makes for difficulty when I want to run local development. The reason being Drupal focuses on running in Linux on Apache servers. It's not impossible to setup a development environment on Windows, but it is difficult.

One of the ways to do so is to try and setup a Virtual Machine based Webserver. Now, this is the best practices setup if I am right. Teams have spent countless hours trying to generate proper setups and quick spin installs using things like VirtualBox. I’ve tried, and frankly am still trying to set something like this up. I want it as close to the GoDaddy VM I run off of as possible.

But it's not too easy. As I said, my box is a Windows 10 Home install, and a lot of features are Pro or above. Kalabox, which is a quick setup based on BirtualBox won't install on my box anymore as I don't have Hyper-V. I’d have to spend $100 just to get the update.

I want to update to Pro I’ll buy it straight out and build a new box.

Another option is to install and run Apache, PHP, and Mysql on your Windows Box. Aquia has a product called Dev Desktop that makes provisioning a new build in a few moments. It works okay, but my experience has had SOME issues. Might be things I don't know I should have working. Either way it's a decent quick way to start Drupal Development on Windows. You even can access a console and run Drush.

But thing is, Windows 10 comes with a webserver. Internet Information System or IIS is included in every install of Windows. You can use it with PHP, MySQL, or even Microsoft’s own SQL server. Of all the possibilities, this one is a bit interesting for me. Because installing and running IIS is native in Windows. So I intent to continue looking into this method of using Drupal, if only so I can build up more knowledge.

I will probably post more about my various attempts to create a stable working environment in Windows 10 Home as I can. More should be put out there, and there is a good amount of Drupal on Windows related content already available. So it’s NOT impossible, nor will you be stuck in your development should you want to do something like this. You just have to figure out the best process for you.

I will write up a few posts about what I’ve tired and how it worked for me. Be advised, this contains a heavy amount of YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) so what worked or didn’t for me may be completely different for you.