So, I fucked up the Web Server today.

Was trying to figure out how to get something that was supposed to protect the Drupal database from bad shit installed. Managed to fucker the server up so bad that even the GoDaddy support tech couldn’t get admin access.

Ain’t This a Bitch.

So, it looks like the site is going live sooner than I had planned. Everything for the most part is ready to go anyways so that isn’t going to be TOO much of an issue. I can modify other things later, and until I’m certain of it you should expect to see error messages pop up all over the place.

For most of you those won’t matter. Unless it’s a MAJOR error, like the site can’t do anything anymore, just ignore that.

I had been considering reprovisioning the Server to clean up a bunch of crap. This just gives me a legit excuse to do so.

While the server is rebuilding, I’m going to take this time to tell you about how things SHOULD be working for you.

New User Dashboard. You can now go there, and the way I have it setup will provide you with a one stop shop for important site information and your profiles, content, and Private Messages.

Cleaned up Content creation. I’ve setup a new way for me to add user content into the system. That way you don’t have to deal with the crappy way it’s been for the longest of times.

Second Shot at the Legacy Database. Myself and BlackSun from the old EvaMade are taking this time to get another chance on recreating the legacy content. You’ll see it occasionally update into the system with the way we are doing this.

Facebook autoposting will, if I’ve done it right, post directly to our Facebook Pages and you’ll be able to follow those without issue.

I will be activating the posting rules as well, so that every new piece of content will now post to Facebook.

There may be some issues as we go forward. Anyone who has any knowledge in Drupal is more than welcome to advise me and help some.