Bookshelf Purpose

Welcome back to the bookshelf!

Recently I rebuilt Fanbards using the modules I created in Features in order to provide some kind of ease of use for archiving. I’ve still ended up with a ton of modules though. I’ll be working on pruning that later.

But as I have worked on this build, I have come to realize that a lot of what I did on this site might not be reasonably included in a feature set meant to be general enough for every possible use case.

So I figure that this would be the best place to start sharing how-to’s and posts about what I have done beyond that. All of them will be cross posted to Facebook and such.

The truth is that I really should share more about what I’ve done as I’ve worked on this. Getting my thoughts in order and written down has actually become harder the last few years and I really need to work on that.

So expect more posts like this across all groups and the main pages.