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When they woken Adam, they got much more than they bargained for. [PSO/EVA]

All typos, and grammar mistakes have been left in tact. Blame laziness on my part.

  1. (Authors Indecent ramblings: Hey hey hey, ladies and gents, it's Shin Ryoji again, and today I bring something to you, that you might indeed find interesting. Warning: Slight A.U. All the angels have been defeated, and Selee has NOT attacked yet. Now, ask yourself this...if there were angels, does that mean demons exist too? Only one way to find out eh?)

    Disclaimer: I dont own Evangelion. That should be apparent by now. GAINAX as well as SEGA, and Sonic Team own some of the characters in here.

    Chapter 1/Prologue.

    The Sleeper is Awakened.

  2. (Well, here we are. The actual beginning chapter of Dark Force: Eva. I'll warn you again, that this is a slight AU, and I'll try my best to keep characters in check.)

    Disclaimer: Nope. I still dont own it.

    The Nightmare of the Coming Dark.

    "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it."

    -George Santayana

    December 23, 2015 4:00PM

  3. (Hey hey hey, it's me again, comin at ya with Chapter 3 of Dark Force: Eva. I know by now your head is SWIMMING with questions. Whats with all the headaches? What is that tablet? Who is the mysterious woman, and what the hell is happening to Shinji? Seek, and ye shall find dear reader. Seek, and ye shall find.)

    Chapter 3

    Shadows of the Past

    Rei let out a yelp of pain as she slammed against the wall for the fourth time, and slid down. She was exhausted, for she had been fighting this thing for

  4. (Me again. Chapter 4. Read it. Review it. Love it. )

    Disclaimer: Do I really have to keep telling you I dont own it?

    Chapter 4

    Blood of the Ancients.

  5. [Chapter 5 of Dark Force: Eva is here. Slowly, but surely, the plot is beginning to come together. I really didnt feel like going into details about Shinji's past. Hope you people can forgive me for that. Anyway, I'm sure your going, "WHERE THE FSKING HELL IS REI!?! WTF!? SHE WAS IN ONE EPISODE!" Well, she's coming ok? Sooner or later, but she's coming. Dont worry, she's got a crucial part to play in all this. I'm done babbling now. Read it. Review it. Love it.]

    Disclaimer: Nope. Still not mine.

    The Ode To the Fallen Begins.

  6. (Alright now children! Rei has seen a vision of something. But what does it all mean? Will Asuka be able to heal the mind of Shinji Ikari, or will the darkness consume him, and doom the world to die?! Read it. Review it. Love it. )

    Dark Force: Eva

    Chapter 6.

    The Path of the Damned


  7. (Dark Falz is freed, and Shinji is lost to us. Asuka has been given amazing power, but will she be able to use it against Shinji? Where is Rei, and what plans are held in store for Gendo Ikari. Find out, on Dark Force: Eva. Chapter 7.)

    Disclaimer: If you dont know by now, you should be shot. I dont own it. :-/

    Chapter 7

    The Soldiers Fate

    ====Begin P.O.V Mode. ====

    P.O.V of Captain Shenryu Yamato, of the JSSDF Special Task Force.

  8. (You know the drill. Read. Review. Love. And for those of you who know about the PSO world. Yes, I turned Gendo into a Delsaber. Those things are FUCKING.....ARGH!!!! And someone asked "What happened to Kaji?" Read on, and find out.)

    Disclaimer: It's. Not. Mine.

    "Hatred. Love. Sadness. Happiness. Like. Dislike. Light. Dark. All of these have an opposite. Something the same, yet completely different in itself."

    Chapter 8

    The Revolution to the Origin

  9. Alrighty then, Chapter 9 is finally here. Sorry it took so long. Trying to get things on track IRL. In this episode...all things, life, death, even reality. All things, must come to an end at one point. And I have one thing to say "Let The Crossovers Begin!" Not really...lol

    Read. Review. Love.

    Disclaimer: You should know by now that I dont own this.

    Dark Force: Eva

    Chapter 9.

    Confrontation and Loss

  10. (Welcome to Chapter 10 of Dark Force: Eva. Tokyo 3 is a virtual playground for demons, and monsters. The body count is rising. The stakes are high, and Humanity only has one shot. Asuka Langley Sohryu, who has been imbued with the power of Adam. But will it be enough to destroy an evil that has been around since the creation of the earth?)

    Disclaimer: The characters used within this fanfic are property of GAINAX save Dark Falz, and Olga Flow

    which is a product of SEGA, and the Sonic Team. I merely own the concept for this story. Nothing more.

  11. (Asuka has aquired her Eva, and is using the Lavis Cannon as an extension of the Progknife's blade. But will it be enough to bring down this monstrocity?)

    Disclaimer: Duh.

  12. (All things must come to an end. The same runs for DFE. Asuka is in her bedroom now. What has happened? Has anything changed? Find out in the final chapter. Epilouge of Dark Force: Eva, A New Outlook. )

    Disclaimer: Duh huh. Not mine.

    Dark Force: Eva


    A New Outlook on Life.

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