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What happens when two friends try to stop another from thinking of falling in love? To the Class Rep, for that matter.

And what happens when it's all just a big misunderstanding?

Why, mayhem occurs, of course. A lighthearted peek at a day in the lives of the Children and their friends, though not a normal one, that much is certain.

  1. "So, what'd you think?

    Shinji blinked a little, startled by the sudden comment. He was fairly certain that his mind had wandered off in the middle of a conversation again, as to why he had no idea. A little disoriented, he turned to his companion, who didn't seem to notice his lapse one bit.

    "I said what'd you think? Aida Kensuke, his freckled face framed by the sly look he usually reserved when talking about Misato. Taking a bite out of his sandwich, he gave his friend a questioning look, apparently waiting

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