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If you drank a gallon of pure maple syrup you would not be as sickenly sweet as this story. Also this is the first fanfic I ever wrote and it reads like it. Finally the hentai in this is just simple couples stuff, nothing too bad.

  1. Beginning of things going horribly awry: This story starts after the death of Karowu, and then takes a hard right from the original one, zigzags down the road, and will end up someplace that not even I know of. And just to let you know I am sort of free writing this bugger.
  2. (BZZT, BZZT, BZZT) "It's 6:30 am on a beautiful Monday morning, time to get up and enjoy the day an obnoxious DJ was heard before a slam of a dial followed it. "Damn alarm clock, wakes me up every time I am about to kiss her Shinji said quietly as he rubbed the sleep from of his eyes. `Well I better get up, get a shower, and start breakfast before Asuka and Misato wake up' he thought as he sat up in his bed not really wanting to. A couple more minutes of sleep is all he really wanted.
  3. A Soliloquy of Life: Chapter 2- Please Don't Call Me Doll! "He Did What? Asuka shouted at Hikari. "Touji asked me to the dance Hikari repeated very excitedly. "You didn't accept did you? Asuka questioned. "Of course I did Hikari answered. "Why? Asuka said looking at her funny "Because I like him Hikari stated proudly. "But he is the dumbest of the stooges Asuka admonished. Hikari warned her, "Be nice Asuka. Asuka answered the warning with one of her rants "This is completely unacceptable. "Didn't you stop bringing him lunches like I told you to? "Touji???..Have you snapped or something?
  4. It was Thursday afternoon at the end of class. "Rise, Bow, Dismissed the class rep said. "So where are you and Rei off to in such a hurry? Hikari asked Asuka catching up with the two outside the classroom. "Ritsuko said she made some adjustments to our plug suits, so we have to go to Nerv to test them out. Asuka said with Rei adding "She is always making us do stupid tests that aren't even necessary anymore. Hikari commented "Those suits seem indecent. "You won't get a disagreement out of me Rei grumbled. "Yeah, they don't leave much to the imagination Asuka added.
  5. It was the Monday after the dance, Hikari and Rei had already talked about what happened at and after the dance before class. Rei left out the stuff about Asuka and Shinji as she figured it would be better if Asuka told Hikari. But Asuka didn't show up till two seconds before the bell when Shinji and her ran in together. Hikari tried to get several chats going with her during class to find out but Asuka would only reply "At lunch. She even tried to get Shinji to talk but his only reply was "Ask Asuka. On the other side of the sex line it was pretty much the same situation.
  6. Rei asked worriedly as Misato sped towards Nerv headquarters "She won't really hurt him will she? Misato responded "No, she will probably just handcuff him, throw him in a dark cell for a while, and yell at him until he changes back what he did. "So he's not hurt? Rei asked still worried. "No, the stupid dork is probably enjoying it. Misato huffed. "Could you please drive faster anyways Rei pleaded as she was still worried. Misato took a quick glance at her and the put the pedal to the floor. As they got to Nerv headquarters a very large man met them. "Status Report Johnson Misato commanded.
  7. "Asuka it's time to get up for school Misato said trying to rouse Asuka out of bed. "I'm not going Asuka said defiantly as she turned away from Misato. "And why not? Misato said turning her back. "I don't want to. Asuka shot back. Rei was listening to this conversation from the living room and added her two cents "Asuka doesn't want to go to school today because Shinji isn't here and can't walk her to it. Misato was losing her patience and told her "That's not a good enough reason Asuka. "It's good enough for me she pouted as she tried to turn back away and grabbed the covers.
  8. It was the Monday after the wedding at lunch time. "Rise, bow, Dismissed the class rep said as she dismissed the class for lunch. The girls went to the bottom of the hill while the boys went to the top. This part was the same as usual but the reason was now different, as both groups started this way to give each other some alone time to talk. About half way through lunch though the boys would come down and join the girls.
  9. It was early Thursday morning at 5:00am. Shinji told Kaji that he just woke up early to use the bathroom as Kaji was leaving for work. Once Kaji was gone he walked out of the bathroom and over to Asuka's room where he quietly woke her up. Asuka asked drowsily "What time is it? as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Shinji whispered to her "Time for a shower. Asuka's eyes flashed open as she quickly woke up and headed to the shower with him. As Shinji was turning the shower on to warm it up Asuka asked him "How are we going to do this without waking the others?
  10. July 2nd, Misato had just finished a morning feeding of Mikomi when the nurse came in. "Is she all done? the nurse asked softly as not to wake the kids. "Yes Misato said as she handed Mikomi to her. The nurse told her "The checkup and tests should take about an hour and a half, and we will bring you and Kaji your breakfasts. She then looked over at the sleeping children and asked "Have the kids had anything to eat since they got here yesterday? "Not that we know of Kaji answered.
  11. A/N: I wrote about 5,000 words worth of a chapter ten and realized that this fanfic was way beyond finished and chapter nine itself probably wasn't needed. I have decided not to torture you with the crap I wrote and just end this damn thing. So this is the happily ever after epilogue every one of you knew was coming because this stupid fic was nothing more than fluff created to be all happy happy joy joy. I would apologize for writing this but oddly enough I am not sorry.

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