A Father's Sins, A Father's Sons




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Cry, ye people, for the forgotten hero. Cry, ye sons, for the fallen father. A MOTW fic.

  1. In the Southtown Cemetery, a solitary tombstone stands.

    They would have put up a memorial. It would be a fitting tribute to the man who lived -- and died -- in the name of justice. He gave his entire life for the good of all, relentlessly pursuing the unapproachable ideal of righteousness. And he was cut down in his prime, his last actions a final testimony even as his death reflected his life: a shining light, the flame of justice that burned long after the candle died.

  2. A Father's Sins, A Father's Sons: Jae Hoon

    Dawn, and the rain pours.

    The cemetery is silent today, save for the constant hammering of water against earth and stone. And accompanying the deafening tattoo, another sound emerges, a dull, slapping beat; the footfall of mourners.

  3. A Father's Sons, A Father's Sins: Dong Hwan

    Dusk -- the hour of long shadows.

    The ground is still wet from the rain, drenched with a day's worth of heaven's tears. And a solitary figure strides through the graveyard, his energetic movements a stark contrast to the lifelessness of the place.

  4. A Father's Sins, A Father's Sons: Kim Kaphwan

    Midnight, and shadows dance a macabre waltz in the moonlight.

    None should be here now. It is the witching hour, a time of deepest dread and darkest horror, a moment when the dead shall walk amongst the living.

    Yet even now, the living walk amongst the dead in Southtown Cemetery.

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