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A nice little GW christmas offering.

  1. Part one: The Gathering of Old Friends A quiet snowfall blanketed the ground, and the light tones of Christmas carols could be heardon the wind. Relena Peacecraft/Darlain gazed out of a bay window in her room and let out acontented sigh. "Christmas will be here soon, I can't wait to see all the others again" she thought toherself. No sooner had the thought left her mind than she heard a knocking on the door. "Who isit?" she called. "Miss Relena, please come downstairs, there are visitors here to see you." Pagan,her butler replied. "Just a sec Pagan, I'll be right out.

  2. It took the small group about half the time to get back as it did to go in, mainly due to the fact that no one wanted to be around Heero, who was still simmering somewhat from Duo's snowball. When the five had gotten the tree into the bay and onto the elevator they shut down the Leos and started to head upstairs.

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