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And then X-mas happened and their was much rejoying. Then the Mst was written, and the rejoying still happened. Was it a result, by-product, or just a coincidence. ONLY YOU DECIDE! Merry X-mas DS'ers!

  1. Touji: Man I can't wait to get to the party this year!

    Kensuke: WE have to study! The entrance exams are coming up quick!

    Touji: I know that, so that is why we need to make good use of this

    Kensuke knocks on door: Why are you so excited this year...we weren't
    even in the name raffle.

    Touji: Misato! Every year she has a rocked costume! Can't wait to see
    what it is this year.

    Shinji: Hi guys, happy Christmas.

    Kensuke: It's 'Merry Christmas,' so the party here this year.

    Touji: Why are you dressed as Santa?

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