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A deal is struck between the Boy Who Lived and a member of the most untrusted house in Hogwarts... can anything good come of such an arrangement? (Harry Potter fiction) Completed June 17, 2005.

  1. Harry Potter exited the great hall feeling better than he had in months. The long, dull summer was behind him, and miraculously there had been no sign of Lord Voldemort. Plenty of time for practice, he thought to himself optimistically, yeah, ok, so I couldn't actually DO any of the charms, but I could practice the movements.

    He frowned, remembering that the practice sessions had involved his tenth birthday present - the unwound coat hanger the Dursleys had given him.

  2. Harry scrubbed his free hand through his unruly hair, waiting impatiently for Hermoine's reply. He had decided to tell the witch of his 'little problem,' as he liked to look at it, because he trusted her not to tell Ron. Ron, he was sure, would lose his mind. He hated Slytherins with a passion that was almost unhealthy - a dislike fueled, no doubt, by Malfoy's constant taunting and cajoling of Ron's entire family tree.

  3. "Turn to page five hundred and sixty four."

    Harry did as he was told, feigning a gasp to echo his classmates as they collectively read, 'Elixir of Osiris' at the head of the page.

    "Professor," Hermoine said, raising her hand to get his attention, "will this be our final?"

  4. Harry blinked... and two months were gone. It was amazing, he thought as he headed out to quidditch practice, how easy it was to fall into a routine when no one was trying to kill you. He had made sure to maintain contact with the Order of the Phoenix to see how the unseen battle with Voldemort was going, but since his reappearance, and the fight in the Ministry of Magic, there had not been a peep.

  5. Life for a sixth year Hogwarts student, Pansy and Harry both discovered, left very little time for anything else. Everything went fine until the holidays, for which Pansy, Harry discovered, remained in Hogwarts - out of preference rather than need, a concept Harry could not wrap his mind around. Once the holidays were over, though, and the threat of impending finals (still months away, but looming all the same) set in, time seemed to disappear.

  6. Hermione was not having a very good week. Her test scores had dipped recently from ninety-nines and ninety-eights to ninety-eights and ninety-sevens - a trend that nearly had her in tears. She could trace the drop back to a singular event, of course.

    Or rather, she could trace it back to a singular event and the resulting aftermath.

    "Careless," she muttered to herself as she hurried between classes, "Harry, you're being careless..."

  7. Moaning Myrtle slid up out of her favorite drainpipe looking sullen and forlorn. Of course, since this was her normal expression, no one would have thought anything was different - indeed, only those that spent significant time with the ghost could spot the twinkle in her eye as she spied a lone sixth-year leaning up against the far wall, hugging his knees to his chest and staring silently at the tile under his feet.

  8. Pansy made her way through the halls of Hogwarts without really paying attention to where she was going. With all of her finals behind her, the Slytherin girl had nothing to think about... or rather, nothing she wanted to think about. She made a sharp right, trying her best not to think about her defense against the dark arts final.

    A passing grade.


  9. Harry stood mutely as Professor Snape raged around Dumbledore's office, ranting that one of his best students had been assaulted and demanding to know why the headmaster was doing nothing about it. The Boy Who Lived barely heard Dumbledore's platitudes about having the other teachers searching the school as he stared at Pansy's profile, wondering what the outcome of this would be... knowing what it must be.

    Expulsion, he thought sickly. Someone is going home, and never coming back... and that someone has to be me...

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