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Two years ago Shinji Ikari disappeared from the face of the Earth. Now a young man has appeared and with him comes a wave of death. Could he be the missing Third Child?

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    An Assassin's Memories

    First Shot: Disappearing

    Shinji Ikari settled back into the seat of the test plug and closed his eyes. "Now you have to focus, Doctor Ritsuko Akagi said. Shinji tried to focus, but apparently it wasn't enough. "That's pitiful Ikari, Doctor Akagi said. "~I'd like to see you try,' Shinji thought darkly.

    "Take it easy, Misato Katsuragi said. "He's been having some trouble even since the Seventeenth Angel. Shinji could tell that he wasn't supposed to have heard that.

  2. I don#039;t own anything. This chapter is set two years after the previous one.

    An Assassin#039;s Memories

    Second Shot: Reappearing

    "So I was talking to Tao, one of the guards said in Mandarin.

    "Well what did he say? the other asked in the same language.

    "We#039;re going to be stuck out here until the guard changes, the first soldier said.

    "That was supposed to be hours ago!

    "He says "~thanks' for covering for them.

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Third Shot: Making a Statement

    Ari stared at Shima and clamped a hand over her mouth to hide a giggle. "What is with that get up?"

    "What do you mean ma'am?" Shima asked as he smoothed his khaki NERV uniform.

    "Why are you wearing that?" Ari said as she tried not to giggle. "Uh. . .it looks good on you Shima." She looked him up and down. 'Very, very good.'

    "I am wearing this because I was ordered too," Shinji said as he drew a pistol from under his shirt and jacked the action.

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Fourth Shot: Vigilante

    "Someone help me!"

    "The more you move the closer you get to falling," Shima stated calmly. He looked over the edge of the building and whistled. "I doubt falling would be beneficiary to your health."

    "You can't do this!" the man screamed.

    "What makes you say that?" Shima asked as he loosened his grip on the man's ankle. The man screamed.

    "I'm a cop!" the man screamed.

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Fifth Shot: Should have listened.

    Yuji stared at the sheet covered body and took a long drag on his cigarette. He kneeled down and pulled the sheets back. "Mister Watanabe was walking in this direction before he was shot, right?"

    "Yes sir," the police officer said. "So who was this guy?"

    "Carl Watanabe was the owned of the Tokyo-3 Gazette," Yuji said. 'He also kept his reporters away from NERV.' Yuji looked around, checking trajectories with his eyes. "The shot would have come from over there, right?"

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Sixth Shot: Supremely Pissed Off

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Seventh Shot: Friends

    Takumi pushed the door in front of him open and stepped into the bar. He walked across the room, ignoring the glare from the bartended, and sat down in one of the booths. "Well? he asked, staring at the opposite side of the booth.

    "Boy can you ever pick your enemies, the man in the booth behind Takumi said. A folder dropped on to the table in from of Takumi. He opened it and pulled out a picture. "Meet Yuji Kaido, Alex said. "A former highly decorated member of the Sayeret Duvdevan.

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Eighth Shot: Specialist

    Yuji looked up as the door to his office burst open. His hand was already on the grip of his Glock before he recognized the young man from the previous night. "We have the results sir.

    "Well? Yuji demanded.

    "You're not going to believe this, the young man said as he laid a folded on Yuji's desk. He snatched it up and opened it.

    "You've got to be kidding me.

    "No sir, the young man said. "Their research is ninety-nine percent accurate. It's almost foolproof.

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Ninth Shot: Twenty-One

    Takumi found the box he was looking for and dragged it off of its shelf and onto the van's floor. He fingered the case's dual clasps and pulled it open. He withdrew the long, vicious black rifle from inside and pushed a ten-round magazine into its receiver. "How long will this take you? Ari asked.

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Tenth Shot: Act of Redemption

    The transition from the sweet oblivion of sleep to wakefulness was its normal seamless transition for Takumi. He sat up and set the PB on the table next to him. He stood up and walked to the laptop computer set out on the counter. "Do you really think they'll send us any jobs after yesterday?"

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Eleventh Shot: Business

    "We have an emergency assignment. Mana looked up as her handler dropped a few folders on the table. "These are all traitors. You know what that means.

    "Yes ma'am, Mana said as she opened one of the files and stared down at the picture of a grim-looking brown-haired woman. She picked up the next file. It was a woman with dirty blond hair and a bright grin.

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Twelfth Shot: Cleaners

    "This isn't a good idea ma'am," Takumi hissed as he moved carefully around the corner and into the hallway that would lead them to their old apartment.

    "We need the equipment here," Ari answered.

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Thirteenth Shot: Resources

    Takumi stared at the map laid out in front of him. "A penny for your thoughts Toc.

    "I trying to decide how to meet Gendo Ikari without exposing myself to harm, Takumi said.

    "What are all these dots? Ari asked, pointing to the dots on top of several buildings.

    "Possible and probable sniper locations, Takumi said.

    "Maybe you should pick another location, Ari said. "You'll be surrounded by snipers.

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Fourteenth Shot: Michael

    "What do you mean he's here?" Misato demanded as she stared at the dark haired man leaning against the wall.

    "He's here," Yuji repeated as he took a drag on his cigarette. "He will now be working for NERV."

    "We have to go see him," Misato said quickly.

    "I'm not sure that's a great idea ma'am," Yuji said as flicked his filter into the sink across the room. He pulled out another cigarette and lit it.

    "And why is that?" Misato demanded.

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Fifteenth Shot: Suspended

    Kari frowned as she looked around the table. Michael was eating quickly and their two guests were staring at him. "So you were out with that Yuji guy?

    "Yes ma'am, Michael said.

    "Sounds like you made a friend, Kari said brightly. Michael ignored her and continued eating.

    "This is really good. . .Michael, Misato said hesitantly. Michael paused and looked up.

    "It is, isn't it? He coughed slightly and went back to eating.

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Sixteenth Shot: Operations

    "Hold that elevator!" Asuka sighed in relief as the elevator doors opened and she quickly stepped inside. Once she saw the occupant she wished that she had waited. "Oh."

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    An Assassin's Memories:

    Seventeenth Shot: Curiosity Kills

    Kari sat up and looked around her room with a frown. A glance at her clock showed that it was ten minutes past six o'clock. Past her door she could hear Michael walking around the apartment. "Don't you ever sleep in?" she demanded in annoyance.

    "No ma'am," Michael answered. Kari sighed and climbed to her feet. She stretched quickly and tugged her door open. The scent of a hot breakfast invaded her senses.

    "What smells so good?"

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    An Assassin's Memories:

    Eighteenth Shot: Adjusting

    "So that's an Evangelion."

    "That's it," Ritsuko said as she stared at Unit Zero-One. "What do you think?"

    "I don't like that color," Michael stated flatly. Ritsuko quickly covered her mouth to cover a laugh. She had to admit that the robot's purple color wasn't exactly appealing.

    "This doesn't help you at all, right?"

    "Right," Michael said, "no memories."

    "You don't seem too trouble about that," Ritsuko commented.

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Nineteenth Shot: Rogue

    "Do you really believe that SEELE has discovered Michael's identity?"

    "Yes I do," Gendo said. "He knows enough about their operations that I trust him completely on matters attaining to SEELE."

    "I see," Kozo said. "Then they know that we've been sheltering him."

    "I would worry if they hadn't drawn that conclusion yet," Gendo said.

    "We should step up security," Kozo said. "As Michael pointed out, Section Two is far from being infallible."

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Twentieth Shot: Reprogrammed?

    "Mike!" Kari happily grabbed her former subordinate in a tight hug. "I thought you were going to die!"

    "It was close," Michael answered calmly. Kari frowned slightly as Michael hugged her and then pushed her away gently. Michael had never responded to anything like that. 'I guess near death experiences change people,' she reasoned, completely forgetting that this was the fifth near death experience Michael had gone through in the short time she had known him.

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Twenty-First Shot: Conscious

    "This is your new home."

    "I'm. . .I'm home."

    "Welcome home."


    "That's odd."

    "What is it?" Doc said.

    "This is the thingy that shows his brain wave pattern, right?"

    "Thingy," Doc repeated. "That's very technical."

    "Just answer the damned question," Ryan growled in annoyance. "God damn wise ass."

    "It is," Doc said. "Why?"

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Twenty-Second Shot: The Other Me

    "That kid is a God send," Marshal said as he leaned back in his chair. "We've found out more from him in one day then we have in four years of espionage."

    "So what do you want to do about him?" Ryan asked. "We can't keep him locked up for much longer."

    "Probably not," Marshal said. "What do you think he would do?"

    "He seems willing enough to work with us," Ryan said. "He'd be a valuable part of this team."

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Twenty-Third Shot: Death

    "Damn it!" Kari cursed as she was knocked to the ground. She managed to climb to her feet and duck out of the way of the mass of humanity. She looked around trying to locate the person who had fired. Near the center of the square Michael was doing the same. Who the hell had been firing? What the hell had they been firing at? What the hell was going on?


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    An Assassin's Memories

    Twenty-Fourth Shot: Preparations

    Michael examined the competition style Glock laid out in front of him and frowned. It was well maintained, but he didn't like the caliber. He never trusted his life to a 9mm unless it was an automatic or he was ordered to. "Hey Mike!" Michael spun, leveling his Colt. "Right," Doc said, "no surprising."

    "That's right," Michael said as he de-cocked the pistol and laid it on the desk next to the disassembled one. "Do you need something?"

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Twenty-Fifth Shot: Top Priority

    They were staring up at him. He could see them plain as day. A pair of crimson eyes stared at him from a giant's hand, a pair of green eyes stared at him as he plunged the knife forward, gray eyes stared at him from the floor as blood began to pool. He could see a young man being dragged from a mass of twisted metal, one arm and one leg gone. He had failed them.


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    An Assassin's Memories

    Twenty-Sixth Shot: Invasion

    Michael leaned out into the hallway and tugged his knife out of the wall. He wiped the blood off on his trousers and slid the knife back into his sheath. "Lucky?"

    "I'm in position," the sniper answered. "What about you?"

    "I'm in position," Michael answered. "Where are the VTOLs?"

    "One has touched down on the roof and the other is orbiting," Lucky replied. "The squad in the orbiting VTOL hasn't even mobilized yet. These fuckers are really laid back."

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Twenty-Seventh Shot: Sudden Death

    "Central Dogma, this is Section-9. Please respond." Michael frowned as static continued to play in his ears. "We still have nothing."

    "The signals can't penetrate the rock around us," Yuji explained. "You should be able to reach them once we get to that particular floor."

    "Speaking of floors," Lucky began, "why are we taking the stairs?"

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Twenty-Eighth Shot: Failure

    Michael stepped carefully down the deserted hallway and stared at the bodies scattered across the floor. "Fucking monsters," Ginji hissed.

    "Quiet," Michael snapped. The small Section-9 team was already ridiculous out numbered, Michael did not need to loose their sole advantage of surprise.

    "They've been through here already," Yuji stated lowly. "They're moving from the entry point into the Geo-Front. We'll run into them."

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Twenty-Ninth Shot: Failure

    "This is bad." Misato stared at the reports flooding into Central Dogma.

    "The left arm has ceased functioning completely," Maya reported. Misato cursed and stared at the screen as Asuka ripped into another white Eva.

    "One of the UN troops needs to talk to you," Makoto stated.

    "Now is not the time," Misato snapped.

    "It's urgent ma'am," Makoto replied. Misato scowled at him and snatched up the handset.

    "What the fuck do you need?"

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    An Assassin's Memories

    Thirtieth Shot: Iscariot

    "This should hold for a while." Shinji glanced at the man standing half in and half out of the plug. "You know the deal with tourniquets, right?"

    "Loosen it every once in a while or I loose the leg," Shinji stated as he looked over the controls. "Has the hemorrhaging stopped yet?"

    "It's slackening," Doc stated. "It should stop bleeding entirely soon. That's the most I can do for you."

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