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Whoever said war was hell, has never seen the competition in the video game industries. In a strange twist of fate Shinji Ikari has found himself at the center of the madness. Now he must carry out his job as Sony's top intelligence officer and try to avoid a psych evaluation while he’s at it.

  1. "Welcome to Sony Mister Ikari. Shinji Ikari quickly stood and shook the man's outstretched hand.

    "Thank you.

    "I'm George Black. It's nice to meet you.

    "Its nice to meet you too sir, Shinji said. George sat down behind his desk and Shinji did the same.

    "I've been going over your resume, George said. "You seem like a highly qualified individual. The courses you took in college have given you the background that we like to see in our employees.

    "Thank you Mister Black, Shinji said.

  2. Gendo Ikari looked around his office carefully and pulled off his glasses. "I feel like shit.

    "You look it. Gendo yelped in surprise and tried to jam his sunglasses back into place, nearly gouging out his eyes again. "Been drinking again?

    "Shut up Sensei. Kozo Fuyutsuki sighed and slapped a thick folder down on the younger man's desk. "What's that?

    "Our funding from the UN has been cut, Kozo said.

    "What? Gendo shrieked. He ripped the folder open and began reading through it. "This is bull shit!

  3. "This is very troubling George.

    "If it's true sir, George said as he glanced through the papers. He didn't like how this was sounding. "Remember the Dolphin sir? We spent millions trying to track those buggers down and it turned out to be a hoax.

    "NERV is a legitimate corporation, the business suited man said. "This is their official statement.

    "Don't you think that its odd that a military company would become a video game company? George asked.

  4. Something was wrong. Shinji could feel it in the air. One hand slid under his pillow and wrapped around the pistol grip of his pistol. He opened one eye and glanced around his bedroom.

    "You wouldn't dare. Shinji's alarm clock was perched on his bedside table. During the night it had maneuvered two rulers up onto the table and made a crude ramp. The mechanical incarnation of Satan was currently resting at the base of the rulers. "Okay you would, but I will see you dismantled if you do.

  5. I pretty much don't own anything.


    "Speech" Speech

    'Thought' Thought

    HUD HUD (see author's notes if you want to try and figure an explanation out)

    Competition can be Murder

    Chapter Five: The airport blew up? Oops.

    Shinji glanced up as the door to the meeting room slid open. "Hey boss."

    "You're in a good mood," George commented.

    "If you're going to be this snappish constantly then I'm going to set you up with one of the Canadian's most expensive girls," Shinji replied.

  6. I own absolutely nothing.

    Competition Can Be Murder

    Chapter Six: You Little Fuckers!

    Shinji stared at the papers spread across his and frowned. A moan sounded behind him and he glanced over his shoulder to see his partner finally beginning to stir. She sat up and blinked at him blearily. Shinji thought the maid outfit looked even better half hanging from her body. "Morning."

    "Morning," Shinji replied. "You passed out."

  7. I really, really, really don't own anything.

    Competition Can Be Murder

    Chapter Seven: Acid can be Murder

    Shinji jerked awake and looked around his the hotel room with his good eye. He reached up and winced as he felt the swelling around his left eye. "Damn." The room hadn't exactly escaped unscathed either.

    He sat up and glanced down at the two women sprawled next to him, shifting uncomfortably. Playing doctor with a real doctor was a new experience, mostly a pleasant one, but the surprise prostate exam Shinji could have lived without.

  8. I don't own anything.

    Competition Can Be Murder

    -Chapter Eight: God Hates Ikaris

    Misato Katsuragi glanced up as the door leading into Central Dogma opened and Ritsuko strode in. The blond grabbed a mug of coffee, sat down in her seat, and began whistling. "What?" she asked as every person on the bridge turned to stare at her. Misato stood and made her way over.

    "Looks like somebody got laid," she teased.

  9. I don't own anything.

    Competition Can Be Murder

    -Chapter Nine: Who Needs Random Drug Testing?

    "Lightweight." Shinji lit his cigarette and frowned down at the two unconscious women. Ritsuko was supposed to pass out. Mana wasn't. 'Finger up the ass and she's gets off so hard she's out like a light.'

  10. I don't own anything at all.

    Competition Can Be Murder

    -Chapter Ten: Booze and Bunny Suits

    "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh fuck!" Tetsuo Kai paled at the sounds coming across the intercom.

    "He's torturing the Captain," he stated in horror.

    "Oh my God!"

    "That bastard!" one of the Section-2 agents yelled. "We have to save her!" Tetsuo hit the button on the comm.

    "Attention terrorist. We are willing to negotiate."

    "One minute!" the man called.

    "Now see here. . ."

    "He said one fucking minute!" Captain Ibuki snapped.

  11. I don't own anything.

    Competition Can Be Murder

    -Chapter Eleven: Going Nowhere Fast

    "God damn I'm beat!" Asuka glanced up as the door to the apartment opened.

    "Well you did end up getting laid about five times today," a woman's voice commented. Asuka smirked as the man and woman came into view.

    "Who the fuck are you?" the man asked bluntly.

    "You don't recognize me?" Asuka asked, pouting slightly. "Come on Shinji."

    "Too tired," Shinji grumbled. "I'm taking a shower. Who's with me?"

    "Me," the woman replied.

  12. I don't own anything.

    Competition Can Be Murder

    -Chapter Twelve: Side Tracked

    'Bad things. Bad things. Bad things. Bad-fucking-things!' Shinji shoved a few more magazines into the pouches on his belt and snatched up his SCS-50. "Are you sure you want to go alone?" Mana asked.

    "Yep," Shinji answered. "If this NORDIC thing really is that Sega chip then its best if I go alone."

    "Why?" Mana asked.

    "Crazy people are calmer around other crazy people," Ritsuko commented.

    "Exactly!" Shinji replied.

  13. I own absolutely nothing.

    Competition Can Be Murder

    -Chapter Thirteen: Frag Bunny

    George checked his watch and frowned. It had been seven hours since he had talked to Ikari. So far there were no reports of high-yield nuclear blasts in Tokyo-3. "What the fuck is going on?" The door opened and Doctor Wulf walked in holding a cup of coffee.

    "What's wrong?" she asked.

    "Ikari started a mission seven hours ago and I don't have an damage reports to fill out," George answered. "Where the hell are the explosions?"

  14. I don't own anything.

    Competition Can Be Murder

    -Chapter Fourteen: The Distraction (from the fact that there is no content)

    Shinji yawned and glanced around the lab. The woman lying near his foot snorted and rolled over to cuddle with another tech. "I love me life." Shinji keyed the lock on the door and stepped out into the hallway. "I love you boss."

    "I hate you," George growled. Shinji just smiled peacefully. George sighed in annoyance and quickly closed the lab door. "Come on."

    "Where are we going?" Shinji asked as he followed after his boss.

  15. I don't own anything.

    Competition Can Be Murder

    -Chapter Fifteen: Oh Dear

    "Open the fuck up!" Shinji opened the door and scowled as the person on the other side raced into the apartment and slammed the door.


    "Yo," the other SED employee replied as he leaned back against the door. "Long time no see."

    "You look like shit," Shinji commented. Mitch's clothes were torn and there were some pretty decent welts starting to form on his


  16. I don't own anything.

    Competition Can Be Murder

    -Chapter Sixteen: Bye, Bye

    "That was fun," Shinji commented as he tugged the charging handle of his new assault rifle back a little to see if there was a round chambered. There was of course.

    "Yeah," Rei agreed, "Such a sweet, inexperienced little thing." Shinji felt his eyebrow cock.

    "I think your girl likes breaking virgins," Mana whispered.

    "So do you," Shinji whispered back. "Where the hell is Mitch?"

    "Probably with his ex," Mana stated.

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