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The year is 2021. There has not been an angel attack for over five years, and the personnel of NERV are beginning to wonder if there ever will be one again. They're about to get thier answer.., (Evangelion. Completed in February 2002).

  1. Daniel Green was feeling lucky. It was his first shore leave in four months, and the bar he had chosen was filled with attractive women.

    -Which will it be?- he thought, smiling broadly as he scanned the room once more.

    He had been there for two hours (he hated rushing this sort of thing), and so far he had managed to make eye contact with a short blonde, a tall brunette, and a redhead of average stature.

    "Ahhh, I love a variety," he said to himself.

  2. "Capture complete,"

    Asuka awoke with a start, blinking in confusion. "What the hell..." she whispered, "I haven't dreamed about the eighth angel in... geez, a year and a half..."

    She smiled as Shinji stirred beside her, mumbling something about crab cakes and pulling her closer to him.

    She let him hold her, resting her head on his stomach as she recalled the last angel battle... if it could even really be called that.

    "Capture complete," Asuka reported, "I've got it."

  3. "Goddamnit get me some information on that thing!"

    Misato's eyes were glued to the screen as the ninth angel continued its seemingly unstoppable approach towards Tokyo-3.

    "Magi are still calculating possible weaknesses," Makoto Hyouga said, typing into his computer with frantic speed, "so far, all we know is that it IS an angel..."

    "Unit 02 standing by," Asuka's voice filled the command room, followed a moment later by Shinji, Touji, and Rei, indicating their readiness as well.

  4. "Mommy... Mooommmmieeee..."

    Misato forced her eyes open, "Mmmm... what is it, honey?" she mumbled, "Mommy's sleepy..." she let her eyes drift closed again, hoping her daughter would decide that it wasn't worth the effort. Yesterday had been a long, frustrating day... and she wasn't in the mood to deal with the rambunctious youth just yet.

    "Daddy left," Reiko replied, shaking her to make sure she didn't go back to sleep, "he said since you were gonna be home, he was gonna go workin' early."

  5. Click

    Ryouji Kaji froze. "Only three people have put a gun to my head and lived," he mused, "one of them became my wife..."

    The person holding the pistol made no reply.

    Kaji closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, a faint smile appearing on his lips, "And unless you're raiding her perfume drawer..."

    "You're slipping, honey," Misato's voice came from behind him as the gun was removed, "I watched you for forty seconds before making my move."

  6. "So you're saying... we should expect them every week?"

    Rei stood in front of the assembled EVA pilots, dressed in her full Commander's uniform. "I am not saying that, Pilot Klashnikov," she replied coolly, "though it might be that way. What I am saying is our research indicates that the angels have ended their period of dormancy, and they will resume their assault... we must be prepared."

    "Twenty-four hour alert seems excessive," the Russian pointed out, "I mean... we all know why we're here, but making all of us stay that close? Isn't that overkill?"

  7. "She's coming around."

    Rei opened her eyes, wincing slightly as the bright, unwavering light of a hospital room filled her vision. She looked around to find Hines, Touji, Asuka, Shinji, and Misato clustered around her bed.

    "Angel...?" she whispered, struggling to sit up.

    "Easy, Commander..." Hines said soothingly, "the angel's been beaten, thanks to your quick thinking."

    "Stupid thinking is more like it," Asuka said from the other side of the room, "why didn't you just tell us what to do, dummy?"

  8. "Hand me my uniform."

    Shinji looked up from the report he was reading, "Hmm?"

    "I said hand me my uniform," Asuka repeated, leaning out of the bathroom, "I've got to get ready, honey..."

    He sighed, nodding as he stood up from the couch.

    Walking to the bedroom, he frowned. - I don't know if I can watch her put this on...- he thought grimly.

    He picked up the uniform with some distaste. It had been a shock to him to see Rei wear it the first time, but he had gotten used to that.

    Now... his lover was going to wear it.

  9. "All posts report normal, Commander... nothing's going on but the rent..."

    Asuka nodded absently, "Thank you, Mister Hyouga," she replied, "carry on."

    The technician nodded and tuned back to his desk. This had become a regular routine over the past three days. Nothing too much had happened, and as far as Makoto was concerned, that was just fine.

    As for the newly appointed Acting Commander, she was seething.

    "Female has been identified as Hikari Horaki..."

    "How long was she in there?"

  10. "And to the last... she thought of her loved ones..."

    Misato closed her eyes as Asuka continued the short eulogy, wishing she could be anywhere else.

    "And even though she's gone," the redhead went on, "we have a duty to honor her memory... and carry on."

    Asuka turned away from the assembled pilots, and they rose to their feet.

    "We salute you," she whispered, bowing her head over the empty casket, "you who have gone before us... you who have made the ultimate sacrifice... you who will always be carried next to our hearts."

  11. "It's about damn time you woke up..."

    Shinji felt as if his mouth had not had moisture in it for months... and for some odd reason, though his eyes were open, he still could not see anything but white.

    The first problem was partially remedied when someone's mouth pressed firmly against his, kissing him gently, but deeply and thoroughly.

    "What... happened?" he managed, when his mouth was no longer occupied.

    "Unit 10..."

    He recognized the voice as Asuka's. "Veronique?" he asked quietly.

  12. "So you are saying... we can use this?"

    Maya sighed and leaned back in the uncomfortable hospital chair. "Given time, yes," she conceded, "see, we thought at first that the angel was invisible because it was using it's AT field somehow... but when we analyzed what was left of its body, we realized that it had skin similar to that of a chameleon - only much more advanced."

    Rei scanned the printout once more. "How much time, Misses Ibuki?" she inquired, "An enhancement like this would be... incalculably advantageous..."

  13. "Commander on deck!"

    Everyone stood at attention as the black-coated figure entered the room.

    "Thank you, Major Kaji..." Rei said softly, "thank you all."

    It had been four days since she had visited Sandelphon and three since Shinji had been released from the hospital.

    Today was her first day back on duty.

    "Are there any major updates?" she inquired, heading towards the command dais.

    "Nothing earth-shattering," Misato said, falling in step at her side, "I assume you are already aware of Asuka's request for four days personal leave."

  14. "It's just sitting there? It's not moving? Well, shoot that fucker down!"

    "It's out of range of our weapons," David replied reluctantly (no one liked to upset the Major... especially not between the fifteenth and the twentieth), "we've just been waiting for it to come closer."

    Misato growled as she finally reached the command deck, hanging up her cell phone and barking, "Transfer Klashnikov's feed to the main screen."

    As the Russian's face appeared, the purple-haired woman regarded him with a small frown.

  15. "She wouldn't talk to me..."

    Shinji turned over in bed, propping himself up on one elbow to better assess his fianc?e in the darkness of their bedroom.

    "Angelica, you mean?" he queried, not entirely conscious.

    It was almost midnight, and he had just been drifting off to sleep when she had spoken.

    Asuka nodded, turning onto her side and putting her arms around him. "She wouldn't even look at me..."

    "Honey," he said calmly, pulling her tight up against him, "she doesn't talk to, or look at... anyone... it's only been three days, give it some time."

  16. "We were able to reattach Unit 12's wing... fortunately, it was a clean cut..."

    Rei nodded absently, looking up at the white mecha in question. "Then it is at one-hundred percent?" she asked softly.

    "No... not quite," Maya admitted, "but it will be in about a week. For now, it's confined to the ground." She sighed, "We still haven't quite worked out the regeneration ability on these units. I think the SEELE scientists were close... but they blew their own facility up when the UN troops stormed it..."

  17. "I feel sick..."

    Shinji blinked as Asuka darted from the room, covering her mouth with her right hand.

    He sighed and turned the burner off, wiping his hands on a dishrag as he walked through the apartment. "I thought you liked takoballs..." he said to the closed bathroom door, wincing as the sound of retching came to him.

    The toilet flushed, and Shinji could hear the sound of running water. A moment later, the door opened, and Asuka appeared, looking pale.

  18. "Mommy... where are we going again?"

    Misato paused to smile up at her daughter, "Just a little trip out of town, honey," she replied, turning back to her packing, "and I think Nozomi's going to come with us, since her family's going somewhere else, and she doesn't want to go with them."

    "Why isn't Daddy going?" Reiko pouted.

    "He's meeting us there," the purple-haired woman said, frowning slightly, "I told you that." Not that she was happy about this wrinkle in their plans, but she would live with it.

  19. Disclaimer: see part 1

    Chain of Command


    Restart, 2022

    By Random1377

    "Honey... it's your turn..."

    Shinji groaned as his placid dream was torn into small fragments. "Didn't I get up last night?" he asked, trying to pull the covers up over his head.

    "Yeah," Asuka said tiredly, "but it's your turn again..."

    "Why?" the brown-haired man demanded sullenly.

    "Because you love me..."

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