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Haibane Renmei anime fanfic. A prequel, of sorts, to the anime. Deals with individual characters in individual little shots. The beginnings of new names, the origins of the dreams for which each Haibane is named. Massive spoilers for the anime.

  1. ~* Falling *~

    The girl stood upon the balcony. She ran her hand along the metal rail as she listened to her parents argue behind her, inside the apartment.

    "They don't care... she said to herself. She disturbed a pair of crows that were perched upon the railing. They flew off with caws of protest.

    "Your mother's nothing but a meddling old crow! the girl heard her father shout at her mother. "I'm not sending her to live with that woman! No way!

    "Well, what do we do with her, then? came the screamed reply.

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